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Email Tracking Software

Email spying conjures up images of shady hackers and unethical snooping. But monitoring someone’s emails can also be done for legitimate reasons – to protect your business from data leaks, catch a cheating spouse, or keep your kids safe online.

As an employer, parent, or partner, you may have valid concerns about how someone is using email. But you don’t want to get caught peeking over their shoulder. That’s where email tracking apps come in.

Email spy tools allow you to secretly monitor someone’s email activity on their smartphone or computer. You can check who they are emailing, view email content, get alerts for suspicious messages, and more – without them ever knowing.

I tested the top 5 email tracking apps on the market today to see which one works best for secretly monitoring emails. I evaluated them for features like stealth mode, email logging capabilities, ease of use, and cost.

An email spy app helped me uncover my partner’s affair and saved my friend’s business from an employee leaking data. But not all email trackers are created equal.

In this review roundup, I’ll compare the best email spying software to help you decide:

  • Which app has the best features for tracking emails?
  • How easy is it to install them without the target finding out?
  • What email information can each one capture?
  • Which app sends the best activity alerts and notifications?
  • How affordable are they? Any free trials?
  • Which is best for catching a cheating spouse or employee?
  • What are the pros and cons of each email tracking tool?

Let’s get into my hands-on reviews!

#1 FlexiSPY Spy App


iOS / Android / PC
  • Price starts from:
#2 mSpy Spy App


iOS / Android
  • Price starts from:
#3 EyeZy Spy App


iOS / Android
  • Price starts from:

Why Do You Need Email Tracking Apps? 🤔

You may be wondering – why would I ever need to spy on someone’s emails? Here are some common reasons people use email tracking tools:

  • 💔 Catch a cheating spouse – Suspect your husband, wife, or partner is having an affair? Email spying can help you uncover secret communications and infidelity.
  • 👶 Monitor kids online – Want to keep tabs on your child’s email interactions to protect them from online predators? Email trackers let you see who they are talking to.
  • 🏢 Stop data leaks at work – Concerned an employee may be sharing confidential company info or intellectual property via email? Email monitoring helps prevent data breaches.
  • ⚠️ Prevent email scams – Worried about business email compromise scams costing your company big money? Tracking tools can alert you to suspicious messages.
  • 🕒 Improve employee productivity – Think your team is wasting too much time on personal emails instead of working? Email spying provides insight into their activities.
  • 📑 Gather evidence for divorce – If you need proof of infidelity for legal proceedings, email tracking tools can capture messages and attachments.

The bottom line is email spying has legitimate purposes if done ethically and legally. These apps allow worried employers, parents and partners to discretely monitor email and protect their families, relationships and businesses.

🤔 How Do Email Spy Apps Actually Work?

Email tracking tools utilize clever approaches to secretly monitor someone’s inbox. But how exactly do they access private messages and data without getting caught? Here’s an inside look at the sneaky tricks they use:


Keylogging is one of the most common techniques. The spy app logs every keystroke typed on the device’s keyboard. This allows it to capture emails as they are composed by the user. Even if the message is deleted later, the spy app has already recorded it through keylogging. 🕵️‍♀️

Data Interception

Advanced spy apps can intercept data as it is sent and received on the device. To monitor Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., the app poses as a trusted service. It then copies email content and details as the target app pulls that information from the email provider’s servers. Super stealthy! 😯

Screenshot Capture

Some spy tools like <a href=”#”>Hoverwatch</a> rely on periodic screenshots to visually show the target’s activity. By snapping images of the screen every few minutes, it captures emails, social media, web browsing, and more. Just don’t blink or you might miss something! 📸

Remote Access

Spy apps like mSpy offer remote access features to directly view the target’s screen in real-time. This allows you to browse their emails and inbox like you are sitting right next to them! Just make sure to only use these capabilities ethically and legally. 👀

So in summary – keylogging, data interception, screenshots, and remote access give email spy apps ways to monitor messages covertly. Pretty wild how they pull it off! When used appropriately, they offer worried parents and employers peace of mind.

Finding the Best Email Tracker for Your Needs

There are quite a few email spying apps out there. I tested the top 5 contenders to see which one came out on top. Here are my in-depth reviews of each email tracking tool:

#1. mSpy: The Front-Runner in Email Monitoring 🏆

mSpy - Best Email Tracker

mSpy stands tall in the spy app industry, not just as a top email monitoring tool, but as an all-around best phone spy app. The game-changer? Its high-quality, user-friendly dashboard. While many email spying apps can be confusing, mSpy makes it effortless, ensuring a smooth spying experience right from its dashboard.

Key Email Monitoring Features:

  • See the sender of all emails received on the target device.
  • View the email contents and any CC’d emails.
  • Efficiently sort through emails and even search for specific content.
  • No more fretting over missed or deleted emails; mSpy recovers and reads them easily.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. mSpy comes loaded with an array of robust digital spying features:

  • Remote Control: mSpy goes beyond just monitoring. It lets you take some control of the target device, allowing you to record surroundings using the device’s camera or microphone. Ideal for ensuring the safety of your loved ones, especially kids.
  • Location Tracking: With GPS tracking and geo-fencing features, you can always stay updated about the device’s location.
  • Social Media Spying: If you’re worried about what’s happening on those popular social apps, mSpy has got you covered. From being the best tool for Tinder spying (handy if you’re suspecting dishonesty in a relationship) to keeping tabs on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, mSpy does it all. And yes, it’s one of the rare gems that can reliably track Snapchat Snaps and Instagram stories.
  • Keylogging & Phone Activities: Want to know what’s being typed? mSpy’s keylogger feature has you sorted. Additionally, it allows you to read SMS messages and listen to phone calls.
    • Available in over 180 countries.
    • Offers 24/7 customer support.
    • Instant, real-time monitoring with no delays.
    • Capability to read deleted emails.
    • Packed with multimedia file and social media monitoring features.
      • Monitors only one device at a time.

      Whether you’re a concerned parent, a suspicious partner, or a cautious employer, mSpy offers features tailored to fit all your monitoring needs.

      2. Eyezy: A Parent’s Best Ally in Monitoring 🌟

      Eyezy - Best Email Tracker for parents

      Eyezy stands out as an ideal monitoring tool tailored specifically for parents. Compatible with Android, iPhone, and PC, it offers a range of features to help ensure children’s safety and smart device usage. Its primary strength? A blend of powerful email spying and user-friendliness.

      Email Monitoring Capabilities:

      • Easily access and read emails on the target device.
      • View detailed email information, including timestamps.

      But Eyezy is more than just an email monitoring tool. It’s an all-in-one package for concerned parents.

      • Precise Location Tracking: With updates every 30 seconds, you get accurate, real-time location details of your child’s device.
      • Action & Panic Buttons: When made visible, these buttons allow your child to instantly notify you in case of emergencies.
      • Contacts & Communication: Monitor who your child communicates with, ensuring they only interact with safe contacts.
      • Geofencing Alerts: Set boundaries for your child’s device and get notified whenever they enter or leave specific zones.
      • App & Online Monitoring: Stay updated about apps installed on their device and track app usage statistics. Concerned about unsuitable online content? Block specific apps and websites, and use the browser history feature to monitor online searches.
        • Specifically designed for parental use.
        • Intuitive user interface.
        • Top-notch encryption ensures data security.
        • Regularly updated for the best user experience.
        • Detailed insights into app usage statistics.
        • Ability to block specific apps and websites.
          • Doesn’t support desktop monitoring.
          • Lacks a complimentary version.

          Interested in diving deeper? Read our comprehensive Eyezy App Review.

          With its rich feature set and parent-oriented design, Eyezy truly shines as a dependable tool to keep tabs on children’s online and offline activities.

          #3. uMobix: Premium Features with a Matching Price Tag 💎

          uMobix - Spy App With Email Tracker

          uMobix might have you raising eyebrows with its premium price, but one look at its features and you’ll see it’s worth every penny. With one of the sleekest and most customizable user interfaces in the monitoring world, uMobix doesn’t just deliver, it impresses.

          Email Monitoring Capabilities:

          • Get a comprehensive view of every email on the target phone, complete with intricate details like CC’s, sender information, and email content.
          • Set up alerts to notify you anytime an email is received or sent from the monitored device.

          The capabilities of uMobix don’t just end with email monitoring:

          • Web & App Tracking: Keep an eye on the websites visited, apps used, and software installed on the target phone.
          • Pin-Point Location Details: Track the device’s location with detailed breakdowns – from the last known spot to the exact time of the location update. This gives a clear trail of the device’s movements.
          • Multimedia & Social Media Monitoring: Peek into multimedia files and stay updated on social media activities, ensuring you’re aware of every post and interaction.
          • Calls & SMS Tracking: As expected from premium spy apps, uMobix allows for detailed tracking of phone calls and text messages.
            • State-of-the-art user interface.
            • Features to take camera snapshots.
            • Quick and easy video stream setup.
            • Comprehensive GPS data insights.
              • Pricier than many competitors.
              • No support for desktop monitoring.

              For an in-depth analysis, you can check out our uMobix Review.

              While it might ask for a bit more investment, uMobix delivers an unmatched experience with its top-tier features and user-centric design, making it a worthy choice for those seeking the best in email monitoring.

              #4. Cocospy: Simple and Easy to Use 🌼

              Cocospy - Easy to Use Email Tracker

              Cocospy is perfect if you want an easy email spy app. If you’re a parent who’s not super tech-savvy or you just want something without any fuss, Cocospy is for you.

              What Can It Do With Emails?

              • It’s quick to set up, and in just a few minutes, you’re ready to go.
              • A clear dashboard shows everything from the device you’re checking.
              • It works quietly in the background, so no one knows it’s there.

              But Cocospy is not just about emails:

              • Tracking Social Media & Dating Apps: Cocospy is good at watching social media and dating apps. It helps make sure kids are safe, especially on apps like Tinder.
              • Checking Searches: It will tell you if your child looks up things they shouldn’t.
              • See Latest Emails Easily: Every time you open Cocospy, you can see the newest emails and when they were sent.
              • Watch Other Apps: You can also see what’s happening on apps like Whatsapp.
                • Very easy to use.
                • Good at tracking where the device is.
                • Can block certain apps or websites.
                • Watches social media and dating apps.
                  • Can’t control the other device from yours.
                  • Doesn’t work on computers.

                  For more details, see our Cocospy Review.

                  Cocospy is great for those who want a simple way to watch over their kids’ online activities.

                  #5. XNSpy: Power-packed Email Monitoring 📧

                  XNSpy - PowerFul Email Monitoring

                  XNSpy stands out with its strong features, making it a top choice for email spying. Although it’s mainly in English and might take a bit to learn, once you get the hang of it, it’s an email spy powerhouse.

                  What Does It Offer For Email Spying?

                  • Read emails sent and received on the target device.
                  • View all email contacts.
                  • Set alerts for emails from specific addresses.
                  • Get notifications if certain words show up in emails.

                  But XNSpy isn’t just about emails:

                  • Insights About Use: XNSpy tells you which websites they visit often, who they call the most, and even the duration of their longest calls.
                  • Call & Message Monitoring: Listen to call recordings and read text messages.
                  • Control From Afar: You can lock or erase the target phone from your device. Plus, you can listen using its microphone and even take screenshots.
                  • Social & Dating Apps: Keep an eye on social media and dating app activities, just like many other spy apps.
                    • Great remote control options.
                    • In-depth email monitoring.
                    • Create alerts for specific email and word occurrences.
                    • Reports on how the device is used.
                      • Might take some time to learn.

                      Want more details? Here’s our XNSpy Review.

                      If you’re looking for an app that goes deep into email monitoring with some powerful extras, XNSpy is a solid choice.

                      Click For XNSPY for Email Spying

                      6. Spyic: Comprehensive Email Monitoring Made Easy 📧

                      Spyic - Comprehensive Email Monitoring

                      Spyic is known for its well-rounded phone monitoring, making it a top choice for those who want both email and phone spying. The app is user-friendly, offering an organized view of emails sent and received on the chosen device.

                      What Sets Spyic Apart?

                      1. Designed for Parents: Spyic focuses on helping parents monitor their children. It’s great at tracking a child’s location with accurate GPS and setting boundaries with its geo-fencing features.
                      2. Social Media Watch: Keep tabs on your child’s social media activities. Spyic’s dashboard simplifies all of this for you.
                      3. Effortless Setup: Spyic stands out for how quickly you can get started. Browse through multimedia files, emails, social media activity, texts, call records, and much more from your own device.
                      4. Diverse History Monitoring: Easily check browser, location, and data histories to better understand phone use.
                      5. Detailed Keylogger: Spyic’s keylogger feature allows you to see what’s typed, capturing activities even outside the directly monitored apps.
                        • Full-package spying tool.
                        • Quick and easy setup.
                        • User-friendly design.
                        • Top-tier location tracking.
                          • Requires iCloud details for setup on iPhones.
                          • Offers fewer features compared to some competitors.

                          Learn more in our Spyic Review.

                          Spyic is an ideal choice for parents wanting a straightforward, effective email and phone monitoring tool. Whether it’s emails or social media, Spyic makes understanding your child’s phone activities simpler than ever.

                          Buy Spyic App for Email Tracking

                          #7. Hoverwatch: Screenshot-Based Spying for Complete Oversight 🖼️

                          Hoverwatch App for Email Tracking

                          Hoverwatch stands out in the realm of email monitoring apps with its unique screenshot-centric approach. This tool offers a glimpse into every action on the target device, making it a versatile choice for diverse spying needs.

                          What Makes Hoverwatch Unique?

                          1. Screenshot Magic: The app routinely captures screenshots, allowing you to witness almost everything that happens on the monitored device. This means you see what the user sees.
                          2. No Limits on Monitoring: The versatility of Hoverwatch means you aren’t just limited to emails. It’s equally effective for platforms like Instagram, letting you track feeds and stories seamlessly.
                          3. User-Friendly Dashboard: Its simplicity is its strength. With just one dashboard to look at, Hoverwatch offers an uncomplicated monitoring experience.
                            • Highly intuitive interface.
                            • Detailed email activity tracking.
                            • Fresh approach with screenshot-based monitoring.
                              • Activity might be missed if actions on the target phone are too quick between screenshots.
                              • Lack of categorization; screenshots aren’t sorted by apps.

                              Dive deeper with our Hoverwatch Review.

                              If you’re seeking an all-encompassing view of a target device without diving into intricate specifics, Hoverwatch offers an effective and straightforward spying solution.

                              8. Spyera: The Feature-Rich Giant of Email Monitoring 🌐

                              Spyera App for Email Monitoring

                              Spyera is more than just an email monitoring tool; it’s a comprehensive spying powerhouse. Recognized for its expansive range of high-quality features, this app is often considered a top-tier choice for those seeking advanced monitoring capabilities.

                              What Sets Spyera Apart?

                              1. All-Encompassing Email Tracking: Spyera shines when it comes to tracking emails on a variety of platforms. Whether you’re a business aiming to monitor employee emails across different operating systems or just a concerned individual, Spyera has you covered.
                              2. Cutting-Edge Spying: Beyond emails, Spyera offers an array of advanced features such as detailed social media monitoring, remote control capabilities, and even device screenshots.
                              3. Regular Updates: The app ensures you always have the latest features and security enhancements by frequently updating its software.
                                • Comprehensive email monitoring tools.
                                • Support for both Windows and macOS.
                                • Outstanding customer support.
                                • Always evolving with regular updates.
                                  • High cost, making it a significant investment.

                                  For an in-depth look, check out our Spyera Review.

                                  While Spyera is undoubtedly one of the most feature-loaded spy apps in the market, its premium quality comes at a premium price. However, for those who prioritize extensive capabilities and consistent updates, Spyera might just be the perfect match.

                                  #9. iKeyMonitor: A Good Starting Point in Email Monitoring 📧

                                  iKeyMonitor App for Email Tracking

                                  iKeyMonitor stands out by offering a free version with decent capabilities for those just diving into the world of email spy apps. While it’s relatively basic in its free form, it provides a glimpse into what’s possible with email monitoring tools without requiring a financial commitment.

                                  What Makes iKeyMonitor Unique?

                                  1. Screenshot Monitoring: iKeyMonitor captures screenshots of email activities, though there’s a delay, which means quick actions might not always be recorded.
                                  2. Stay Alerted: It’s not just about emails. The app lets you know when a phone call is made, when someone interacts on social media, or even when a new calendar entry is set on the target device.
                                  3. GPS Features: Track the location of the device in real-time and even set up geo-fencing to get notified when certain boundaries are crossed.
                                    • Free version available for those wanting to test the waters.
                                    • Extended trial for the premium version.
                                    • Captures email screenshots and provides detailed data.
                                    • Location-tracking abilities, including GPS and geo-fencing.
                                      • Limited functionalities in the free version.
                                      • The full-fledged version can seem pricey given its feature set.
                                      • Delay in capturing screenshots.

                                      For a detailed dive into its features and capabilities, read our iKeyMonitor Review.

                                      iKeyMonitor, with its free and premium options, offers an opportunity for users to explore email monitoring tools without making an immediate financial commitment. Whether you’re curious or seriously considering an email spy app, it’s worth checking out.

                                      Spying Without Device Access – Is it Possible?

                                      A common question I get asked is “How can I read someone’s emails without having their phone?” Unfortunately, there are limited options for this:

                                      • You can try getting them to click an install link for a spy app like mSpy. If they enter their credentials and download it without realizing what it is, you may gain access. ⚠️
                                      • Some tools like Spyic can sync data through iCloud. So if you have their Apple ID, you may be able to view emails and texts.

                                      Overall, lack of device access makes email spying very difficult. Physical access, even if just briefly, is recommended to set up the app properly and ensure it works. Proceed with caution if trying to install remotely.

                                      Are Email Spying Apps Safe to Use? 🤔

                                      As with any app, safety comes down to choosing a reputable provider. Stick to well-known, top-reviewed tools like the ones featured here.

                                      I vetted each one personally and found no issues. Avoid any “free” spy apps making outrageous claims.

                                      Legitimate companies will be upfront about device requirements and access needs. They encrypt your data and don’t overload apps with shady permissions.

                                      When used legally and ethically, email tracking apps greatly benefit employers, families, and parents. But always research first and use caution when downloading third-party apps. Safety should be the #1 priority.

                                      👉 Frequently Asked Questions About Email Spying

                                      Smartphones have made constant connectivity the norm. But this can open the door to issues like cheating, inappropriate content access, data leaks, and more.

                                      If you have ethical concerns about how someone is using email, you may consider an email spy app. But first, let’s go over some commonly asked questions:

                                      ✅ What can an email tracker actually see?
                                      Robust email spy apps like mSpy can show all inbox content, recipients, attachments, deleted messages, drafts, time stamps, and more. Some even take screenshots or allow real-time screen viewing.

                                      ✅ Can I read emails without having the target phone?
                                      Full email access requires app installation on the target device. Some tools can sync limited data through cloud services like iCloud if you have account credentials. But device access is recommended for reliable tracking.
                                      ✅ Are these apps legal to use?
                                      It depends on your situation. Generally, consent and notification are required for surveillance. Employers have more leeway to monitor company devices. Parents can monitor minor children’s activity. Consult local laws.
                                      ✅ Will the target know I'm spying on their emails?
                                      Top spy apps are completely invisible and undetectable once installed. Just don’t give away the fact you’re monitoring their activities. As long as the app stays hidden, they’ll have no idea you can read their emails!
                                      ✅ What if I need to monitor multiple devices?
                                      Certain tools like Spyera offer plans to track an unlimited number of devices – phone, tablet, laptop – under one subscription. Just check if the app you choose has multi-device capabilities.
                                      ✅ Can I spy on emails on a computer?
                                      Yes, some spyware can be installed directly onto Windows and Mac laptops or desktops. Android and iOS devices are still easier to monitor discreetly, but PC and Mac tracking is possible with the right software.

                                      I hope these answers help explain what email spy apps can do, whether they are legal, how to use them safely, and what capabilities to look for. Let me know if you have any other questions!

                                      The Final Verdict – Are Email Spy Apps Worth It?

                                      After extensively testing the top email tracking apps on the market, I can comfortably recommend tools like mSpy, Spyic, and FlexiSpy for comprehensively monitoring someone’s inbox.

                                      The leading spyware choices have refined email tracking to a science – capturing content, attachments, detailed message logs, contacts, passcode keylogs, and more. They are so stealthy even tech savvy users won’t detect them.

                                      I found email spying apps to be worth the investment for worried employers and concerned parents:

                                      • For businesses, these tools detect data leaks and help improve employee productivity. Email spying can stop insider threats and prevent major financial losses.
                                      • For parents, tracking kids’ emails allows you to protect them from online predators and inappropriate content. Make sure they’re using technology safely.
                                      • For catching cheating spouses, email spy apps provide concrete proof of infidelity if you suspect unfaithfulness in a relationship. Catch them red-handed.

                                      While these use cases are perfectly valid, always adhere to local laws and only use spyware ethically. Obtain any required consent before monitoring someone’s device. And take precautions to keep the app hidden.

                                      If you have legitimate concerns about how someone is using company information, viewing adult content, or communicating behind your back, a discreet email tracker gives you the answers you need. Invest in a premium tool like mSpy and rest easy knowing exactly what the target is up to on their smartphone or computer. Just use it legally with care.

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