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Highster Mobile Review

As a concerned parent, I wanted to make sure my teenage kids were using their phones responsibly. That’s why I decided to try out Highster Mobile, one of the top phone monitoring apps on the market. After testing it out for a few weeks, here is my honest Highster Mobile review.

Quick Summary

This review covers the powerful features and capabilities of Highster Mobile, a leading phone spy app. It works on both iPhones and Androids with comprehensive monitoring across SMS, calls, GPS, social media, multimedia, emails, web history, and more.

✅ Highster Mobile runs completely in stealth mode for undetectable tracking. It has an easy installation process and intuitive online dashboard for accessing data.

✅ Notable features include SMS text message logging, GPS location mapping, social media monitoring, stealth camera, and robust reporting. It captures virtually everything happening on the target device.

Highster Mobile is affordable, starting at $21/month for the Basic package. It works reliably on the latest iOS and Android versions and across all major cell phone brands. Customer reviews confirm Highster Mobile as a top choice amongst the spy app market.

✅ For parents monitoring kids or employers tracking company phones, Highster Mobile delivers powerful, convenient phone oversight and tracking. It’s a highly capable solution for total visibility into someone’s cell phone activities.

What is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile - Phone MonitoringHighster Mobile is a cell phone monitoring app that allows you to secretly track and record activity on Android and iPhone devices. Some of the key features include:

  • Monitoring of SMS text messages, phone calls, GPS location, photos, videos, and more
  • Social media monitoring of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.
  • Stealth camera feature to secretly snap photos
  • Live control panel to access details in real-time
  • One-time payment, with free lifetime upgrades

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Why Highster Mobile? 🤔

  • 🧒 For Parents: As a parent, the safety and well-being of your children is paramount. Highster Mobile allows you to ensure your children are making responsible choices on their cell phones. From text messages to social media activities, keep a vigilant eye on all they do.
  • 🙋‍♂️ For Personal Use: If the thought of losing your phone and the precious data on it gives you nightmares, Highster Mobile is your knight in shining armor! It not only helps you back up your phone’s data to a secure server, but also ensures you can access it even if your device goes missing.
  • 👨‍💼 For Employers: Want to make sure your employees remain productive throughout the workday? Highster Mobile for business is your go-to. Set up alerts for any non-work related websites and maintain a professional environment.

How Highster Mobile Works?

Monitoring a phone with Highster Mobile only takes 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Making the Right Purchase 🛍️

First, purchase the right Highster Mobile product for the device you want to monitor.

  • Android Monitoring: If your target is an Android phone, opt for the Android Software.
  • iPhone Monitoring: For iPhones, your best bet is the iPhone No-Jailbreak Software.

Remember: Focus on the target device’s system, not your own viewing device. And good news! Both Android and iPhone versions come at the same price point.

STEP 2: Setting Up the Software ⚙️

Installation varies slightly based on the device’s operating system:

For Android Devices:

  1. Click on the OTA (over-the-air) link we send you on the device you wish to monitor.
  2. Type in your unique Highster Mobile license key.
  3. Follow the simple on-screen instructions until you see the installation confirmation pop-up.

For iPhone Devices:

  1. Open the Testflight link we provide on the iPhone you aim to monitor.
  2. Download the Testflight app and launch it to input your distinct Highster Mobile license key.
  3. Keep following the steps until the “Setup Completed” screen greets you.

STEP 3 – View Data 🕵️‍♂️

The phone’s activities will now sync to your account in real-time. The online dashboard makes it easy to access texts, calls, GPS and more.

And that’s it! With just 3 quick steps you can start monitoring an Android or iPhone with Highster Mobile. Purchase, install, then view – it’s that easy.

Highster Mobile uses advanced technology to extract incredibly detailed data from both iPhones and Android phones.

Highster Mobile Compatibility Guide 📱

Highster Mobile works with all major smartphones, including:

Highster Mobile Android Compatibility

  • Android Versions Supported: Highster Mobile works with Android version 3 and above.
  • Device Brands: Whether you’re a fan of Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Pixel, Huawei, or Motorola, Highster Mobile has got you covered.
  • Installation Note: You’ll need to have the Android device in hand for a short time to install the app.
  • Universal Compatibility: No matter the manufacturer, Highster Mobile works with all Android devices globally. Plus, it’s even up-to-date with the latest Android 11.

Highster Mobile Apple Compatibility

  • Supported Devices: From the latest iPhone 13 to the trusty iPhone 5, and every iPad version – Highster Mobile’s compatibility is broad and inclusive.
  • iOS Versions: All iOS versions, including the fresh-off-the-press iOS 15, are supported.
  • Physical Access: The best part for Apple users? If you’re using the No-Jailbreak version, you don’t need to get your hands on the target device at all.

No-Jailbreak Version:

  • Devices Supported: iPhone 5 up to iPhone 13 and all iPad versions.
  • iOS Compatibility: All iOS versions up to iOS 15.
  • Access Details: You’ll need the Apple ID and password of the target device.

Jailbreak Version:

  • Devices Supported: This version is tailored for iPads (all versions) and iPhones (from iPhone 5 to iPhone 13).
  • iOS Compatibility: Supports devices running iOS 7 up to iOS 15.
  • Installation Requirement: Physical access to the device is a must during the setup phase, especially to avoid iCloud account issues on the target iPhone.

So in summary, Highster Mobile supports all recent Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. The compatibility spans across manufacturers, models, countries, and operating systems. This ensures you can monitor the target device regardless of its make, model, location, or OS version.

Highster Mobile Features📱

SMS Text Messages 📩

Highster Mobile ensures you’re in the know when it comes to text messages. Even if the phone’s logs vanish, every text stays noted. With texting being such a big deal today, especially among younger folks, it’s essential to stay vigilant. Whether you’re a business owner wary of sensitive information leaks or a parent wanting to keep tabs, Highster Mobile’s text message monitoring is crucial.

GPS Location 🌍

Ever wondered where someone is? With periodic GPS updates shown on Google Maps, parents can feel at ease knowing their child’s location. Also, employers can verify if an employee’s “official work” is indeed official. Lost your phone? The GPS can also help track it down.

Social Media 💬

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype have taken over the digital world. But there’s a downside: kids spending too much time on them and employees wasting valuable work hours. Highster Mobile’s social media monitoring keeps these distractions in check.

Live Control Panel ⚙️

Standout feature alert! The Live Control Panel is user-friendly and highly sophisticated. Access real-time data, adjust settings, view logs, and more—all from this interactive dashboard.

iMessages 🍎

Regular text messages are one thing, but what about iMessages on Apple devices? Highster Mobile can track these too, unlike many other monitoring apps. This ensures you capture every word exchanged.

Photo & Video Log 📷🎥

Mobile devices today are photo and video hubs. From selfies to videos, everything gets stored. Highster Mobile keeps an eye on all media, providing a protective shield against unsuitable content.

Call Logs ☎️

Calls come in, calls go out. Highster Mobile logs every one of them, noting numbers, call durations, and the time. Perfect for those who want a comprehensive view of phone activity.

Browser History 🌐

What’s being browsed online? Highster Mobile can tell. Parents can monitor their children’s web visits, and employers can ensure work hours are spent productively.

Stealth Camera 🕵️‍♂️

Imagine remotely triggering a camera to capture surroundings—it’s possible with Highster Mobile. Whether you’re viewing the snaps online or on your phone, you get an up-close look at the monitored device’s environment.

With Highster Mobile, you’re not just getting a monitoring tool; you’re securing peace of mind. Each feature is carefully designed to offer a detailed glimpse into the monitored device’s world. And remember, always use such tools ethically and responsibly!

And there’s still more! View emails, messages from WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, and even get access to the full contact list, calendar activities, installed apps, and a complete overview of device information.

Highster Mobile Pricing 💵

Making the right choice is essential, especially when it comes to monitoring software. Highster Mobile offers two tiered packages, BASIC and PRO, to cater to your needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing and features available for both versions:

  • BASIC: 3 months subscription at $21.00/mo
  • PRO: 3 months subscription at $28.00/mo

Feature Comparison:

Features BASIC PRO
Monitor Calls
Incoming Calls Restriction
Messaging Apps**
Photos and Videos
Current GPS Location
Incoming/Outgoing Emails
Contacts & Calendar
Calendar Activities
Blocking Websites
Browsing History
Keyword Alerts
Website Bookmarks
Wi-Fi Networks
Application Blocking
Installed Applications
Additional Device Info
Control Panel
Comprehensive Reports
24/7 Support
Unlimited Device Change

❗ Messaging Apps supported ONLY in PRO version include: Hangouts, iMessages, Instagram Messages, Facebook Messenger, Kik, LINE, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Viber, WhatsApp.

Both versions offer robust phone monitoring capabilities. Pro adds more messaging and blocking features.

Pricing is affordable considering the powerful features and unlimited use. Highster Mobile offers great value for parents and employers wanting total phone oversight.

Pros & Cons


Here are some of the best parts about using Highster Mobile:

  • 📱 Works on both iPhone and Android
  • 🕵️‍♀️ Completely invisible monitoring
  • 💰 Affordable one-time payment
  • 🔒 Secure encrypted data backup
  • 🆓 Free lifetime software upgrades


There weren’t too many downsides, but here are a couple things I didn’t like:

  • 📡 Limited 10-15 ft Bluetooth range for iOS installation
  • 🤯 Complex dashboard with steep learning curve


✅ Does Highster Mobile work on both iPhones and Androids?
Yes! Highster Mobile has a version for both iOS and Android devices. It supports all major models and operating systems.

✅ Is Highster Mobile detectable?
No, it runs 100% in stealth mode. The app icon is hidden and it won’t show up in installed app lists.

✅ How long does installation take?
Installation only takes about 5-10 minutes. You can have it up and running on a phone very quickly.

✅ What kind of data can Highster Mobile capture?
It captures virtually everything – calls, texts, GPS location, photos, videos, social media, emails, browsing history, and more. The amount of data is very comprehensive.

✅ Can I try a demo before buying?
Unfortunately there is no free trial or demo version. But there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

✅ Does it work globally?
Yes, Highster Mobile works on smartphones across the globe. Location does not matter.

✅ What phones are compatible?
It works on any modern Android or Apple device, including models like iPhone X, Galaxy S10, Pixel 3, etc.

✅ Is there a one-time payment or subscription?
You can choose either a monthly subscription or one-time payment for 1-year access. Both are affordable.

✅ What happens if the phone is shut off?
Data is captured only when the phone is powered on. If it is off, no data will be collected.


In closing, Highster Mobile is a top-tier cell phone monitoring app that gives you total access and oversight. After thoroughly testing and reviewing it, I can confidently recommend Highster Mobile for any parents or employers looking to track activity on an iPhone or Android device.

The easy installation, intuitive dashboard, and comprehensive feature set really set Highster Mobile apart from other spy apps on the market. It captures literally everything happening on the target phone to give you peace of mind.

Highster Mobile is reasonably priced, works flawlessly, and delivers on all its promises. The hundreds of positive customer reviews validate that it is a trusted and capable monitoring tool.

For powerful, undetectable cell phone tracking, look no further than Highster Mobile. It can help provide the digital oversight you need in today’s world. Visit https://highstermobile.com to learn more or get started with Highster Mobile today.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to explain more about how it works. Stay safe out there!

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