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Best iMessage Spy Software

As a concerned parent, I know how hard it can be to keep up with what your kids are doing on their iPhones. Who are they texting? What are they saying? Are they visiting inappropriate websites? I’ve found that installing an iMessage spy app on their phone is the best way to get insight into their digital lives.

I spent the last few months testing out all of the iMessage spyware apps out there. My goal was to find the best options that could secretly and reliably monitor iMessages on someone else’s iPhone. These iOS spy apps run in the background without the user knowing.

After evaluating over a dozen options, I narrowed it down to the top iMessage spy apps on the market today. I considered factors like reliability, stealthiness, features, ease of use, and value when ranking the top picks. From tracking text messages to recording calls, these spy apps can reveal just about everything happening on an iPhone.

As a parent, you have a right to know who your kids are talking to and what they’re saying. With the right spy app installed on their iPhone, you can finally get the full picture. Although these tools do raise some ethical concerns around privacy, they may give you the peace of mind you need as a concerned parent.

Read on for my reviews of the iMessage spy apps to remotely read someone’s text messages from your own phone or computer. I’ll share the key features and benefits of each iPhone spyware pick. Let’s dive in!

#1 FlexiSPY Spy App


iOS / Android / PC
  • Price starts from:
#2 mSpy Spy App


iOS / Android
  • Price starts from:
#3 EyeZy Spy App


iOS / Android
  • Price starts from:

How Do iMessage Spy Apps for iPhone Work?

There are two main types of spy apps for monitoring iPhones – those that require installing software on the target device, and those that access data through the iCloud account.

Apps that get installed directly on an iPhone work by recording activity in the background and uploading it to an online dashboard. Once you log into your account, you can see things like:

  • Messages in iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Call logs with timestamps
  • Location history
  • Photos/videos
  • Website browsing history

These iPhone spy apps run hidden in the background without the user knowing. You can also remotely delete apps, restrict websites, track locations, etc. from the dashboard.

The other type of iMessage spy app accesses data through the iCloud backup. You log into the target’s iCloud account from your own device to view their messages, photos, app data, and more.

However, this iCloud method only works if you have the account credentials and two-factor authentication is turned off. With 2FA on, you’d need physical access to the phone to disable it first before monitoring.

So in summary – true spy apps require app installation on the target device to monitor remotely. iCloud spying is more limited unless you have full access to disable security features first. Both can be effective ways to secretly read someone’s iMessage texts and track their iPhone use.

Installation-Based Spy Apps 🔧

These apps require a hands-on approach. You’ll need to install the app directly on the iPhone you want to monitor. Here’s how they work:

  • Data Recording: These apps quietly record all the data on the target phone.
  • Server Upload: The recorded data is then sent to an online server.
  • Dashboard Access: You can log into the spy app’s dashboard, which is like your personal command center. From there, you can view:
    • Contacts 📇
    • Call logs 📞
    • SMS 📩
    • Chat logs on apps like WhatsApp and iMessage 💬
    • The device’s location 🌍
    • Installed apps 📦
    • … and so much more!
  • Remote Commands: This dashboard isn’t just for viewing; you can take action too! You can delete apps on the target iPhone, restrict access to sites, block Wi-Fi, or even lock the device remotely!

iCloud-Based Spy Apps ☁️

These are a bit more subtle and don’t necessarily require installation on the target device. Here’s how they function:

  • iCloud Access: The main idea is to access the target iPhone’s iCloud storage. You’ll do this from another device, be it your smartphone, laptop, or PC.
  • Automatic Uploads: iPhones automatically upload most data to iCloud. So once you’re in, you can see texts, photos, videos, passwords, and so much more. 🖼️🔐
  • Access Requirements: Now, there’s a catch. You’ll need the iCloud login details of the target phone. And if they’ve got two-factor authentication on? You’ll have to turn it off manually to start your stealthy monitoring mission.

In a nutshell, while both methods have their perks, it’s essential to choose the one that aligns with your needs and ethical boundaries. And always remember, the key is to monitor responsibly and legally!

Why Use an iMessage iPhone Spy App?

There are a few legitimate reasons parents and spouses may want to use a secretive iMessage spy app on an iPhone. Some of the most common uses cases include:

  • Monitoring Kids’ Online Activity – Spy apps allow parents to see who their kids are texting with, what apps they’re using, websites visited and more. This lets you ensure they aren’t accessing inappropriate content.
  • Reading Messages – The ability to remotely read iMessages, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other communications can give insight into who your child is talking to and what they’re saying.
  • Tracking Location – Spyware with GPS tracking features can show you where your child has been. You can see if they actually went where they said.
  • Limiting Screen Time – Some spy apps allow you to remotely block apps, restrict web access, limit screen time and more to control device usage.
  • Finding Lost Devices – If your child’s iPhone gets lost or stolen, spy apps can help locate it using GPS location tracking.
  • Monitoring Driving – Teen drivers can be monitored via GPS location tracking and speed alerts to ensure safe driving.

So in summary, iMessage spy apps, when used ethically, can help provide peace of mind for parents concerned about their kids’ digital lives and activities. They come with risks as well, so caution is advised.

Best iMessage Spy Apps

With so many iMessage spy apps on the market, it can be tricky to determine which one is right for your needs. I extensively tested over a dozen of the top iPhone spy app options to identify the very best choices available today.

After evaluating factors like features, reliability, ease of use, and pricing, I narrowed it down to the top 4 iMessage spyware apps that I recommend checking out. Each of these iOS spying tools has its own strengths and benefits depending on what you’re looking for.

The best iMessage spy app for you will depend on things like:

  • Your budget
  • How tech savvy you are
  • How much access you need to messages, logs, media etc.
  • Whether you need advanced features like call recording

I’ll compare the key capabilities of mSpy, FlexiSPY, Spyic, and TeenSafe in depth. You can determine which sounds most ideal for secretly monitoring an iPhone and reading iMessages. All of these iMessage spyware options have advantages over basic parental control apps.

Read on for my in-depth evaluation of the top recommended iMessage spy apps on the market today! I’ll share how each works, key features, pricing, and pros and cons. Let’s dive in!


mSpy App for iMessage Monitoring

As a parent, I found mSpy to be the best iMessage spy app for monitoring who my kids are texting and what they’re chatting about across platforms.

mSpy stood out because it lets me see every single iMessage, even ones that were deleted off their phone. Other iPhone spy apps I tested only show the existing chat logs, but mSpy uploads everything to their online server.

This is really useful since my son would often delete conversations he didn’t want me to see. But mSpy captures it all before he can wipe the messages.

With mSpy, I can:

  • Monitor all iMessage conversations in real-time
  • See exactly when each text was sent or received
  • View any photos or videos shared over iMessage
  • Track messages sent from Android phones too

Key Features of mSpy 🌟

  • Complete Chat Monitoring: Not just limited to viewing chat logs, mSpy even retrieves deleted messages. 🚫🗑️
  • Beyond iMessage: It might have “iMessage spy” in the title, but mSpy does more. You can also see messages exchanged between Android and iPhones.
  • App & Web Supervision: Control apps on the device and block undesired websites or Wi-Fi networks. 🚫🌐
  • File Access: Browse photos, videos, and other files on the target device.
  • Full Control: From deleting unwanted apps to remotely locking the device, mSpy hands you the reins.

Beyond just iMessage, mSpy also lets me control which apps are installed, block access to certain websites, and track the phone’s location. I also like that I can access the mSpy dashboard from my phone, tablet, or computer.

Pros & Cons of mSpy 📈📉

  • Full remote control of the device 🎮
  • Retrieve and read deleted chats and messages 📜
  • Dive into multimedia files on the device 📸🎥
  • Control apps and website access 🚫🌐
  • The monthly plan might feel heavy on the wallet 💰

Pricing & Other Details 💵

  • Cheapest Renewal Price: $11.67/month (billed annually)
  • Supported Operating Systems: iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak; All iOS versions with Jailbreak
  • Number of devices supported: Check their website for specifics
  • Free Plan/Trial: They offer a Demo version for you to get a feel
  • Refund/Guarantee: 14 days

The premium features don’t come cheap – mSpy is one of the more expensive iMessage spy app options. But in my experience, it offers the most comprehensive monitoring capabilities if you really need to know who your kids are talking to and what they’re saying. For me, the peace of mind is worth the price.


Hoverwatch iMessage Spy App

As a parent of several kids, I found Hoverwatch to be a great free iMessage spy app to start with. It lets me monitor up to 5 devices simultaneously, so I can easily keep up with all my children’s iPhones.

  1. Key Features of Hoverwatch 🌟🔧

    1. Multi-Device Monitoring:
      • Unique in offering tracking for up to 5 devices simultaneously, making it optimal for families or monitoring several devices owned by one individual.
    2. Extensive Social Media Tracking:
      • From the classics like Facebook and Instagram to messengers like Telegram and Skype, get comprehensive access to messages, posts, and other activities across platforms.
    3. Specialized Keylogger for Mac:
      • Records conversations on popular messaging platforms like Adium, Skype, and iMessage.
      • Detailed logging of every keystroke pressed for insights into user behavior and intent.
    4. Seamless Tracking & Alerts:
      • Continuous monitoring, even if the target device swaps SIM cards. You’ll be promptly notified about any such changes.
      • Ensures you’re always informed, equipped to take necessary actions if needed.
    5. User-Friendly and Discreet:
      • Easy sign-up and quick installation process to get started.
      • Designed with user anonymity at its core. Stay 100% invisible while monitoring.

A major plus is Hoverwatch tracks tons of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and more. I can see who they’re messaging, what they post, and their follower/following activity.

Hoverwatch will even detect if one of my kids swaps out their SIM card and keep monitoring the new card. It can also record keystrokes, take random screenshots, and track websites visited.

Getting started was super easy – I just signed up for a free account, downloaded the app to my kid’s iPhones, and monitored everything through the online dashboard.

I like having insight into all my kids’ messaging and social media use in one place. Hoverwatch makes this easy and free!

Pros & Cons of Hoverwatch

  • 📇 Direct access to the target device’s contact list.
  • 🌱 No need for root access.
  • 🔒 Safe and straightforward installation process.
  • 📊 Intuitive dashboard for user-friendly monitoring.
  • 🕰️ Occasional lag in data synchronization.


  • Pricing: At just $6 per device per month, Hoverwatch offers competitive pricing for the features provided.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Device Limit: A staggering 25 devices can be monitored, setting Hoverwatch apart.
  • Trial & Assurance: Test the waters with a 3-day trial. Note that the refund policy is currently not available.


EyeZy iMessage spy app

EyeZy is a great iMessage spy app for parents who want robust parental control features. Some highlights include:

  • See all iMessages, who they text, and what they say
  • View any photos or videos sent through iMessages
  • Restrict app usage and limit screen time
  • Block access to certain websites
  • Get alerts for certain activities like texting someone specific

Key Features of EyeZy 🔑📲

  1. In-Depth iMessage Oversight:
    • Uncover who they’re messaging and the contents of their discussions.
    • Access every text, complete with date and time stamp.
    • Review shared photos and videos for complete context.
  2. App & Web Control:
    • Set definitive boundaries on app usage duration.
    • Restrict access to potentially harmful websites and ensure safer online browsing.
  3. Plans Breaker:
    • Peek into their digital calendars. Know the places, dates, and acquaintances in their plans.
    • Stay one step ahead and pre-empt events or hangouts you’re wary of.
  4. Magic Alerts:
    • Enable smart filters for automatic alerts. Be it a specific contact, a keyword, or a location – EyeZy keeps you informed without continuous supervision.
  5. Screen Recording & Keystrokes:
    • Witness their digital footprints in real-time. From typed messages to on-screen activities, stay updated.
  6. Stealth Mode:
    • Monitor activities discreetly. With EyeZy’s invisible shield, your child remains unaware of the monitoring.

I like that EyeZy lets me control exactly which apps my daughter can use and for how long. For example, I can limit her TikTok time to 30 minutes a day.

The Magic Alerts are also useful – I have alerts set up to notify me if certain keywords are texted or searched for. Or if my daughter texts a boy I don’t approve of.

EyeZy doesn’t have as many advanced features as mSpy, but for parental control focused specifically on iPhone, it’s a leading choice. I also find it more affordable than some competitors.

Pros & Cons of EyeZy

  • 🎛️ Full App and Web Control: Dictate their digital environment.
  • 🔔 Magic Alerts: Stay updated without constant monitoring.
  • 🎥 Screen Capture & Keystrokes: Witness their digital actions.
  • 🛡️ Invisible Shield: Monitor discreetly without being noticed.
  • 💸 Slightly heavier on the wallet with its monthly plan.

Quick Facts

  • Cheapest Renewal Price: $10/month (when opting for the yearly plan)
  • Supported Operating Systems: iPhones running iOS 7 – 13+ without Jailbreak, and all iOS versions with Jailbreak.
  • Number of Devices Supported: Varied
  • Trial & Refunds: They offer a demo version and a 14-day refund guarantee.

The keylogger, call recording, and remote photo taking features add an extra layer of monitoring capabilities as well. Overall, EyeZy is a robust iMessage and iPhone spy app for concerned parents.


uMobix iMessage spy app for parents

uMobix is a great spy app for parents who want to monitor their kids’ social media activity. As an iOS spyware, it lets you:

  • See all iMessages, including deleted ones
  • View chat history in apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc.
  • Block access to apps and restrict social media time
  • Track phone location in real-time
  • Remotely activate microphone to hear surroundings

Key Features of uMobix 🛠️🌟

  1. Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring:
    • Track real-time activities on prevalent social media, instant messaging, and even dating apps.
    • View complete chat histories and all multimedia content your child interacts with.
  2. Deleted Content Visibility:
    • Stay one step ahead. With uMobix, even deleted messages and logs aren’t hidden from you.
  3. Custom Application Scheduling:
    • Take proactive control by setting usage schedules. Ensure Facebook and Instagram remain inaccessible during school hours to foster in-class concentration.
  4. Innovative Social Online Status:
    • Stay informed when your child logs into any social account. This level of oversight, combined with the screen recorder, paints a full picture of their online interactions.
  5. Environment Streaming:
    • Take a virtual seat in your child’s environment. Access their phone’s camera and microphone to get a real-time feed of their surroundings, reinforcing their physical safety.
  6. Keylogger & Screen Recorder:
    • Monitor every keystroke. Know exactly what they’re inquiring about online and view their on-screen activities in real-time.

I like that uMobix enables me to set a social media schedule – I can limit my daughter’s Instagram usage to 30 minutes a day after school. The remote microphone feature is also useful to randomly check what my kids are up to.

uMobix provides detailed insights into iMessage chats and social media use. The ability to retrieve deleted texts and conversations is very valuable.

Pros & Cons of uMobix

  • 📅 Structured Social Media Usage: Impose and manage schedules for app usage.
  • 🗑️ Full Content Access: Recover and view deleted information, chat logs, and messages.
  • 🎥 Real-time Environmental Stream: Visualize and hear your child’s immediate surroundings.
  • 🕵️ In-depth Monitoring Tools: From keylogging to screen recording, no activity escapes your notice.
  • 💸 Premium costs for multiple device monitoring.


  • Pricing: $12.49/month when opting for the annual plan.
  • Compatibility: All iPhone and iPad models.
  • Device Limit: One device per subscription.
  • Experience & Assurance: Test the waters with a demo and rest easy with a 14-day refund policy.

My main gripe is it only allows monitoring 1 device unless you upgrade to a more expensive plan. But overall, uMobix is one of the top picks for an iMessage and social media spy app. The advanced features like live mic access make it stand out from competitors.

Click For uMobix iMessage Monitoring


Cocospy iMessage Text Spy App

Cocospy stands out for its location tracking capabilities. As an iOS spy app, it lets parents:

  • Set geofences to get alerts when your kid leaves or enters an area
  • View iMessage chats and social media messages/activity
  • Access chat history and logs in apps like WhatsApp
  • Monitor without installing software – just iCloud credentials needed

Key Features of Cocospy 🛠️🌟

  1. Geofencing:
    • Establish designated zones on a map.
    • Get instant alerts when the monitored device crosses into or out of these marked territories.
  2. Broad Social Media and IM App Monitoring:
    • From classic platforms like Facebook and Instagram to the newer attractions like Discord, Cocospy keeps a vigilant eye across the spectrum.
  3. iMessage Text Spy Capabilities:
    • Easily access both incoming and outgoing messages.
    • Recover deleted messages, ensuring no crucial information slips through.
    • View timestamps associated with each message and explore shared media.
  4. No Physical Access Required:
    • A standout feature; spy on an iPhone without direct device access. All you need are the iCloud login details of the target device to gain a comprehensive view.

The geofencing alerts give me peace of mind that I’ll know if my daughter wanders into a bad neighborhood or skips school.

Cocospy also makes it easy to monitor popular messaging apps beyond just iMessage. I can see Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp chats and more. Media files like photos and videos are visible too.

A key advantage is Cocospy doesn’t require installing anything on my child’s iPhone. As long as I have their iCloud login, I can monitor from my own device.

Pros & Cons of Cocospy

  • 📱 Expansive Platform Monitoring: Covers nearly all social media and instant messaging platforms.
  • 🚫 Zero Direct Access Needed: No software installation required, making it a discreet choice.
  • 📜 Detailed Logs & Exchanges: Complete access to chat logs and all shared media.
  • 📞 Absence of phone call recording capability.


  • Pricing: $12.49/month when billed annually.
  • Compatibility: All iPhone and iPad models connected to iCloud.
  • Device Limit: One device per subscription.
  • Experience & Assurance: A demo to get acquainted with features and a 14-day refund policy to back your purchase.

Cocospy does lack some advanced features like call recording. But for easy access to locations, iMessages, and social media, it covers the key areas parents care about. The geofencing capabilities make Cocospy stand out.


Spyera iMessage Spy App

For the most robust iPhone monitoring capabilities, Spyera stands out as the most powerful iMessage spy app I tested.

Some of the advanced features Spyera includes:

  • Full remote control of the iPhone’s functions
  • Live call recording to listen into calls
  • SMS keyword triggering to auto-delete certain texts
  • Ambient listening when a call is received
  • View media files like photos and videos
  • Complete Remote Control: The essence of Spyera is its unparalleled ability to let you remotely access almost all features of the target device, mirroring the power of having the device physically in-hand. This distinctive capability sets it apart from most of its competitors.
  • Proactive SMS Shield: A standout feature in Spyera’s toolkit is the SMS keyword deletion. You have the authority to define a set of keywords or phrases, and when an incoming SMS contains any of them, Spyera takes prompt action to delete it before your child can read it. This proactive measure ensures your child remains shielded from potentially harmful content.
  • Advanced Spying Prowess: Beyond its SMS capabilities, Spyera boasts a suite of top-tier surveillance tools:
    • Call Recording: Whether it’s standard phone calls or conversations on popular messaging platforms, Spyera’s call recording feature lets you discreetly capture and later replay them, keeping you informed of your child’s interactions.

The SMS keyword deletion is really useful – I can set words like “drugs” or “sex” that will automatically remove texts containing them before my kids can read it.

And the live call recording feature lets me tap into phone calls to hear exactly what my teens are discussing in real-time. I can even turn on the microphone when a call comes in to hear the surroundings.

The level of access and control Spyera provides goes beyond any other iMessage spy app I tried. It’s over 3x the price of some competitors, but delivers exhaustive monitoring capabilities.

Pros & Cons of Spyera

  • 🎮 Full remote control over the target device.
  • 🎙 Real-time call recording and playback across various platforms.
  • 🛡 Advanced SMS keyword deletion to prevent exposure to undesired content.
  • 📸 Full access to all media, including photos, videos, and voice notes, on the monitored device.
  • 🔍 Absence of a demo version for potential users.
  • 💰 Price point is substantially higher than most alternatives.


  • Pricing: A premium price of $40 per month when billed annually.
  • Compatibility: Supports all jailbroken iPhones and iPads up to iOS 14+.
  • Device Limit: Extends support for up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Assurances: While there’s no demo available, Spyera offers a 10-day money-back guarantee to ensure user satisfaction.

If you truly need to monitor an iPhone fully and have the budget, Spyera is hard to top. The advanced call recording and remote control features make it the most powerful option out there. Delve deeper and discover its vast capabilities in our comprehensive Spyera review.


XNSPY iMessage Chat Logs

Of all the iMessage spy apps I tested, XNSPY provided the most robust set of features for monitoring calls, messages, location and more.

XNSPY lets me:

  • Listen to phone calls live as they happen
  • Record ambient sounds when you’re not present
  • View all iMessages, even deleted ones
  • Track texts sent over SMS as well
  • Capture keystrokes typed but not sent
  • Set up location alerts with geofencing

Key Features of XNSpy 🌟🔧

  1. Comprehensive iMessage Surveillance:
    • Monitor all iMessages remotely and access texts, whether sent or received.
    • Instantly view the sender’s name, number, and even the exact timestamps of each message.
  2. Phone Calls & Surround Recording:
    • Listen to phone calls to gather real-time, invaluable insights into the context behind text messages.
    • Leverage the surround recording feature to discreetly eavesdrop on in-room conversations. Critical insights can often be gleaned from these face-to-face interactions, making this feature indispensable.
  3. XNSpy Analytics:
    • Quickly identify a user’s favorite or most-contacted callers, providing a shortcut to the most pertinent conversations.
  4. Advanced Keylogger:
    • While messages and browsing histories are revealing, what about the texts or searches that never got sent or the ones deleted midway? XNSpy’s keylogger captures every keystroke, ensuring nothing stays hidden, regardless of the application it’s typed in.
  5. Geo-Fencing & Location Tracking:
    • Set up virtual boundaries and get notified when they’re crossed.
    • Monitor the precise whereabouts of the target device, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

I really like the call interception and ambient recording features. Hearing my kids’ actual conversations gives me better context than just reading texts. The keylogger also captures unfinished messages they type but delete.

Beyond calls and messages, XNSPY offers extensive location tracking with geofencing alerts. I can see everywhere the phone goes.

My main complaint is that SMS tracking has some glitches. But for the advanced call monitoring capabilities alone, XNSPY is hard to top as an iPhone spy app. I feel fully informed of what my kids are up to through their conversations.

Pros & Cons of XNSPY

  • 🏆 One of the most detailed and comprehensive spy apps available.
  • 🌍 Robust geofencing capabilities with real-time alerts.
  • 📞 Offers insights into top 5 callers across various time frames.
  • 📍 Delivers accurate location tracking to stay updated on the device’s movement.


  • Pricing: Available at a competitive price of $7.50 per month.
  • Compatibility: Fully functional on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Device Limit: Optimized for monitoring a single device.
  • Assurances: Although a free trial isn’t on the table, the 10-day money-back guarantee ensures peace of mind.

The surround recording feature in particular brings invaluable peace of mind. XNSPY packs the most robust call and message spying tools I could find.

Click For XNSPY and Start Monitoring iMessages

SpyBubble Pro

Spybubblepro Pro - Read iMessages and SMS texts

For simple spying focused on texts and location, I found SpyBubble Pro to be a great option. It only has 3 core features, but nails them:

  • Read iMessages and SMS texts, even deleted ones
  • Track real-time location via GPS
  • Monitor WhatsApp chats and media

Key Features of SpyBubble Pro 🌟🔧

  • Simplicity at its Core: At emotionally tumultuous times, the last thing one needs is a convoluted app. With three primary features – WhatsApp tracking, SMS, and location monitoring – Spybubblepro ensures that you get straight to the point.
  • Efficient WhatsApp Monitoring:
    • Gain access to both incoming and outgoing messages.
    • Unearth those hidden, archived, or even erased conversations – a distinct advantage not commonly found in all spy apps.
    • Browse media files shared via WhatsApp, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of all interactions.
  • SMS Tracing:
    • Stay updated with all text messages and associated media files.
    • Mirroring the capabilities of its WhatsApp counterpart, Spybubblepro’s SMS tracking doesn’t miss a beat.
  • Advanced Location Tracking:
    • Far surpassing many competitors, its location tracking feature is not just for individuals but also to find misplaced devices.
    • Initial break-in to the target device might take around 5 minutes, but once through, the app pinpoints location swiftly.

I like that SpyBubble Pro gets right to the point – it lets me see my spouse’s texts and WhatsApp messages, which is my main concern. I also use the location tracking regularly.

The dashboard is very intuitive and easy to navigate. I don’t need complex features, just the ability to monitor texts and location.

One downside is it lacks geofencing for location alerts. But if you just need the basics like reading iMessages, SMS logs, and tracking GPS, SpyBubble Pro is a cost-effective and simple choice in my experience.

Pros & Cons of SpyBubble Pro

  • 📍 Remarkably accurate GPS-based location tracking.
  • 🎙 Facilitates remote access to the target device’s microphone, offering a deeper insight.
  • 🚫 Provides the power to block or uninstall specific apps.
  • 📞 Efficiently tracks calls and provides detailed contact information.
  • 🚫 Lack of geofencing capabilities can be a drawback for some users.


  • Pricing: Available at a rate of $10.62 per month.
  • Compatibility: Supports Android OS 4+, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Device Limit: Primarily built for tracking a singular device.
  • Assurances: A free demo lets you test the waters, and a 14-day guarantee ensures your satisfaction.

It may take a few minutes to initially connect, but delivers reliable text and location monitoring after that. For a straightforward spying app, SpyBubble Pro hits the key needs. For a more detailed understanding, dive into our comprehensive Spybubble Pro review.


Spyic iMessage spy app with multi-device plans

Spyic stands out as an iMessage spy app for its affordable multi-device plans. A single subscription lets you monitor:

  • Up to 5 devices for families
  • Up to 25 devices for businesses

This makes Spyic a great value for parents with multiple kids or business owners monitoring employees.

It covers the basics like:

  • Reading iMessages and SMS texts
  • Tracking locations via GPS, WiFi, SIM
  • Viewing web history and app usage
  • Social media monitoring

What Sets Spyic Apart?

  • Economical Multi-Device Monitoring: One of Spyic’s standout features is the ability to monitor up to 5 iOS devices on a single subscription for family plans, and a whopping 25 devices for businesses. This level of scalability is seldom seen in the market.
  • No Jailbreak Needed: With the added advantage of not requiring a jailbreak, Spyic is user-friendly and maintains the integrity of the device.
  • Uncomplicated & Comprehensive:
    • Easily read both incoming and outgoing messages, with the added benefit of accessing deleted ones.
    • Attached timestamps provide context to each text.
    • Conveniently view MMS media files.
    • Identify sender/receiver contact details, names, and even their display pictures.

While it lacks some advanced features other spy apps have, Spyic nails the essential monitoring tasks like messages, locations and social media.

I also like that it doesn’t require jailbreaking devices to monitor iPhone activity. And Spyic’s dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Pros & Cons of Spyic

  • 🚫 No need for jailbreaking.
  • 🛡 A reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • 👁 Offers discreet surveillance with stealth-mode.
  • 🏠 Ideal for families and SMEs.
  • ⚙ May not be as feature-dense as some competitors.
  • 📞 Customer support leaves room for improvement.


  • Pricing: Available at a competitive price of $10.83 per month.
  • Compatibility: Comprehensive iOS compatibility.
  • Device Limit: A range from 1 up to 25 devices.
  • Assurances: A demo to showcase capabilities, coupled with a 60-day guarantee.

For families and businesses needing to monitor multiple iOS devices affordably, Spyic delivers solid performance without unnecessary complexity. The multi-device support makes it stand out. For a holistic view, dive deep into our extensive Spyic review.

Get Spyic for iMessages

Final Verdict – Best iMessage Spy App for Your Needs

After extensively testing the top iMessage spyware options on the market, I found each has unique strengths depending on your monitoring needs and budget.

For most parents, I’d recommend starting with mSpy or Spyic. Both provide comprehensive text message, app, web, location, and social media monitoring without unnecessary complexity.

For advanced users who need maximum features, nothing beats Spyera for its live call recording, ambient listening, and complete iPhone remote control capabilities. Just be prepared to pay a premium.

If you just need basic text and location tracking, SpyBubble Pro is a cost-effective choice that gets the job done. And Hoverwatch is great for families needing to monitor multiple kids’ devices for free.

No matter which you choose, use caution and ensure you’re monitoring ethically and legally. While these iMessage spy apps raise privacy concerns, they can also bring invaluable peace of mind for concerned parents.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! I’m happy to provide recommendations based on your specific iPhone monitoring needs.

👉 Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What features should I look for in an iMessage spy app?
Look for apps that offer comprehensive monitoring of texts, calls, locations, apps, web activity, and social media. Advanced features like live call recording, ambient listening, and geofencing are also useful.

✅ Do these apps work on non-jailbroken iPhones?
Many iMessage spy apps like mSpy, Spyic, and Hoverwatch don’t require jailbreaking the iPhone to monitor it. However, some apps provide deeper access if the device is jailbroken.

✅ Can I see deleted iMessages?
Apps like mSpy and Spyera let you view even deleted iMessages by uploading data from the phone before it’s deleted. This is extremely valuable for monitoring kids who may delete texts they don’t want you to see.

✅ What devices can I monitor?
Most apps allow monitoring iOS and Android devices. Some focus specifically on iPhone spying. Be sure to check which platforms are supported.

✅ Is it legal to use these apps?
You should only use iMessage spy apps if you have consent from the device owner or are the parent/guardian of a minor child you gave the phone to. Monitoring without permission is unethical and illegal.

✅ Can the person know if I'm spying on their iPhone?
The best spy apps run totally in stealth mode without the user knowing. However, you need physical access to install the app in some cases. Be cautious not to get caught.

✅ How much do iMessage spy apps cost?
Prices range from free (Hoverwatch) up to $200+ per year for advanced apps like Spyera. Expect to pay around $10-15 per month for comprehensive monitoring from top picks like mSpy.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions! I’m always happy to help out.

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