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Spy on Phone Calls

Have you ever wondered what your kids are up to on their phones? Or suspected your spouse may be cheating? I’ll admit, I’ve had those thoughts too. As a concerned parent and spouse, I wanted to know who my family was contacting on their phones. But I didn’t want to seem overbearing by constantly looking over their shoulder.😬

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how you can track calls from another phone easily, without needing any technical know-how or hiring a costly hacker. That’s when I discovered spy apps – software that lets you secretly monitor calls, texts, and more on another phone. I tested out the top 5 monitoring apps to find out which one works best. Here’s what I learned from hands-on experience.

Quick Summary

Want to monitor calls, texts, location and app activity on your kid’s or spouse’s iPhone or Android? After testing top spyware like mSpy, FlexiSPY, Eyezy, iKeyMonitor. I’m sharing hands-on comparisons.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

👉 How each app lets you see call logs, recordings, listen in live

👉 Step-by-step setup and usage across operating systems

👉 Detailed reviews of features, pricing, pros and cons for each app

👉 Answers to legal questions plus how to use discreetly

👉 My #1 pick for best call, text and overall monitoring

Cut through the confusion with my plain English guide comparing these powerful monitoring tools. Get the inside scoop on the leading mSpy alternative brands before purchasing any subscription plan.

🚫 No Free Lunch for Eavesdropping

If you’re looking to listen in on someone else’s calls without their knowledge, let me tell you straight up – there’s no free method for this. You’re faced with two choices:

  1. Hide an audio bug in their house, which allows you to listen to their cell phone conversations.
  2. Install a spy app on their phone that can record both sides of a call.

While both options come with a cost, investing in a spy app is often the wiser choice. An audio bug might only capture one side of the conversation, but a spy app records both sides clearly. Plus, spy apps offer additional features like monitoring text messages, social media activities, and even location tracking.

🕵️‍♂️ Choosing the Right Spy App

Not all spy apps come with a call recording feature. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In the next section, I’ll introduce you to the top apps that not only record calls but also track text messages effectively. With so many monitoring apps out there, how do you pick the right one? Here are key factors I considered when testing call and text spy apps:

  • 📱 Compatibility: First, make sure the app works with the target phone’s operating system (iOS or Android). Some apps only work on one platform.
  • 🔍 Features: Figure out which features are most important – call recording, text monitoring, location tracking, etc. Then match an app with everything you need.
  • 💸 Price: Spy app pricing ranges from $20-$200+ depending on subscription length and capabilities. I found premium apps provide more features and flexibility.
  • 👤 Stealth: The best spy apps have a discreet app icon and run silently in the phone’s background without draining the battery. This helps avoid detection.
  • 📞 Customer Support: Find an app company that offers 24/7 live chat or phone support in case you need troubleshooting help. I reached out, and FlexiSPY had exceptionally good customer service.

If you keep those factors in mind while researching apps, you should find a great match

Can You Track Texts and Calls from Another Phone? 📱

Yes, you can! However, this is only possible with the help of third-party spy apps. By installing a spy app on the target’s phone, you can monitor their phone activities remotely, including calls and texts.

How to Track Phone Calls?

To start monitoring calls and texts, you’ll need to:

  1. 🔑 Choose a reliable spy app. There are many available, but I’ve listed the top 5 options above.
  2. 📥 Download and install the app on the target’s phone from their official website. This usually only takes a few minutes.
  3. 🖥️ Log into your spyware account on your device to start tracking the messages and calls remotely. You’ll then see a dashboard showing you the target phone’s activity.

It’s actually pretty simple to set up text and call monitoring with these apps! The key is finding a highly-rated spy app that has all the features you need. Let me know if you have any other questions about getting started with call and text tracking from another phone.

Are These Apps Safe and Legal?

I found most spy apps have safety features built-in, like encryption and remote uninstall. As far as legal – it likely depends on where you live and your reason for using it. I suggest researching your local laws. 🔍 Most apps advertise legal disclaimers but ultimately the user is responsible.

When using monitoring apps to track texts and calls from another phone, two major concerns come up:

Are spy apps safe to use? Most reputable spy app companies incorporate safety features like:

  • End-to-end encryption 🔒
  • Remote data wipe if the app gets discovered
  • No app icon visibility on target device

Look for apps with strong safety protocols to help avoid detection. Responsible and careful usage on your end is also important.

Is it legal to use text and call monitoring apps?

  • In the U.S., these apps likely fall into a legal gray area. The laws vary based on where you live and your reason for using the software.
  • Most companies post legal disclaimers but state that the end user is ultimately responsible for complying with local laws.

My advice? Thoroughly research the laws in your state or country before installing monitoring software. Also avoid sharing or misusing any data you collect from the target device.

Using a spy app should only be done with extreme caution, care, and respect for safety and privacy. Make sure to educate yourself on the laws and ethical usage – then use your best judgment.

So yes – with the right tools, you can absolutely monitor calls and texts from another device. Try one of my top picks if you need that extra phone oversight. Just use ethically and legally! 👮‍♂️ And of course, open communication should always be the first approach.

Best Spy Apps To Track Calls

When looking for apps to monitor phone calls from another device, I found a few great options that get the job done. The top call tracking app I tested is mSpy.

#1 mSpy: A Comprehensive Phone Call Tracker

mSpy is a versatile tool that allows you to monitor phone calls effectively. While it doesn’t offer call recording, its call logs feature is impressive. The mSpy call tracking feature provides detailed logs of all calls made to and from the target phone.

While mSpy does not record phone calls, its call logs allow you to see:

📞 Call Logs Insight

  • 📋 View Call Details: mSpy provides a detailed list of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, complete with phone numbers and contact names.
  • ⏱️ Timestamps and Duration: Get precise information about the length and timing of each call.
  • 🔍 Incoming Call Details: See who’s calling, with comprehensive data on accepted and missed calls.
  • 📇 Contacts and Phone Numbers: Easily access and review the contact details associated with each call

mSpy Monitor Phone Calls

So with mSpy, you can discover who the person is talking to and the frequency of conversations – giving you insight into their relationships and habits.

I also like that mSpy compiles call data alongside texts and social media activity in one centralized dashboard. This lets you get the whole picture of conversations happening across multiple channels.

mSpy makes it quick and easy to:

  • Know who they’re talking to most frequently
  • Spot any unknown numbers raising flags
  • Ensure conversations remain with approved contacts only

🔍 Beyond Call Tracking

mSpy is more than just a call tracker. It lets you delve into post-call activities, like text messages or social media chats. With mSpy, you can:

  • Monitor Texts and Social Chats: Follow conversations on platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, and Tinder.
  • Comprehensive Social Media Tracking: Keep tabs on their digital conversations and stay informed about their social interactions.

🛡️ Peace of Mind and Safety

The main goal of mSpy is to provide peace of mind. By installing this app, you’re not just getting call history; you’re gaining a sense of security.

  • Control Panel Overview: Access a chronological log of calls, including detailed information like call duration, timestamps, and more.
  • Easy Navigation and Organization: The mSpy Control Panel is designed for convenience, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

📲 Getting Started with mSpy

Ready to try mSpy? It’s easy to get started. Simply install the app, log into your account, and access the Control Panel to begin monitoring. For a more detailed guide on using mSpy to monitor calls, check out their instructional video here:

mSpy not only helps in keeping track of calls but also provides a comprehensive view of digital interactions, making it an invaluable tool for those concerned about their loved ones’ communication safety With comprehensive call logs and broader monitoring capabilities, mSpy is a great option for keeping tabs on communication.

#2 Eyezy: The Advanced Call Tracker

Moving on to the next top-rated spy app for tracking calls, let’s explore the features of Eyezy. This app not only excels in monitoring calls but also offers sophisticated location tracking capabilities.

Eyezy call logger feature

This cell phone tracking software lets you:

📞 Comprehensive Call Logging

  • 🗣️ Know Who They’re Talking To: Access detailed phone call information with Eyezy’s call log monitoring.
  • 📲 Outgoing Calls: Find out whom they called with complete details as soon as you log in.
  • 📞 Incoming Calls: See who called them, including the caller’s phone number.
  • ⏲️ Detailed Call Information: Every call is logged with timestamps and duration.

🕵️‍♂️ Deep Insights into Phone Call Interactions

  • 🔄 Sync with Call Apps: Eyezy works by syncing information from their phone call app with your personal Control Panel.
  • 🖥️ Access Call Details Remotely: Log in to your Control Panel to view all their call details, akin to having their phone in your hands.

Beyond location tracking, Eyezy also has a call logger feature that allows you to:

  • 📞 See Every Call: Monitor every incoming and outgoing phone call.
  • 🤔 Identify Who They Are Talking To: Discover who they are talking to.
  • Check Call Durations: Review how long each conversation lasts.
  • 🕓 View Detailed Timestamps: Get precise timing for every call made or received.

So with Eyezy installed on their phone, you can:

  • Track where they physically go throughout the day or week
  • Log all calls to spot unusual activity or conversations

This gives you visibility into both location and phone call patterns – helping you stay continually updated on where they are and who they’re talking to.

With Eyezy, you’ll get a comprehensive view of phone interactions, including:

  • The phone numbers involved in the calls, whether incoming or outgoing.
  • Names from Contacts, call duration, and the exact date and time of each call.

Eyezy doesn’t just track calls, it offers a complete package to monitor someone’s phone usage, including their location, providing a holistic view of their mobile activities. I like Eyezy if call tracking and location monitoring are your priorities. It makes both easy to monitor from a centralized, user-friendly dashboard.

#3 FlexiSPY: Advanced Call Tracking for iOS and Android

Continuing our exploration of the best spy apps for tracking calls, we come to FlexiSPY, a robust solution for those seeking advanced monitoring features on iPhones and Android devices. FlexiSPY stands out as the most powerful call and text tracking app I tested.

FlexiSPY's Call Intercept

📱 Unique Installation for Advanced Monitoring

  • 🍏 For iPhones: FlexiSPY is the only app that requires physical installation on a jailbroken iPhone, providing advanced monitoring features that other apps can’t.
  • 🤖 For Androids: FlexiSPY also offers advanced tracking features on Android devices, including VoIP call recording on WhatsApp, Skype, etc., without the need for rooting.

While other apps offer basic call logs, FlexiSPY enables you to:

🔒 Advanced Text and Call Tracking

  • 🌐 Broad Coverage: Track not just regular text messages and cellular calls but also social media chats and VoIP calls across various platforms.
  • 🕵️ Discreet Operation: Track all activities remotely and without the user’s knowledge.

🎧 Call Intercept Feature

  • 📲 Live Call Listening: FlexiSPY’s Call Intercept allows you to listen in on live phone calls, remaining undetected.
  • 🎛️ Complete Control: Activate this feature via SMS or the FlexiSPY dashboard and choose which calls to monitor, regardless of whether the numbers are saved in the target device’s contacts.

📞 Call Recording Capabilities

  • 🎙️ Remote Recording: Record any call made to or from the target device. These recordings are then uploaded to a secure online dashboard for immediate listening or downloading.
  • 🔍 Selective Recording: Choose to record only the calls you’re interested in and access them conveniently through FlexiSPY’s Dashboard or FlexiVIEW mobile portal viewer app.

🕵️‍♂️ Spycall for Environmental Listening

  • 🌍 Real-Time Surroundings Monitoring: Use Spycall to listen to the phone’s surroundings in real-time without detection.
  • 🛡️ Stealth Operation: The target phone remains normal in appearance and function while you listen in secretly, ensuring your monitoring is completely hidden

So FlexiSPY goes beyond just documenting call details – it actually allows you to hear the conversations and ambient sounds. This gives unprecedented access into what words are being exchanged during calls. If your priority is the ability to audibly monitor phone discussions in real-time, FlexiSPY delivers on that front.

A few more things I like about FlexiSPY for call monitoring:

  • Works on both iPhones and Android phones
  • Records calls from regular numbers and VoIP apps like WhatsApp
  • User-friendly online dashboard
  • Can remain completely hidden and undetectable

The advanced call spying does require jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android device. But if you want to actually listen in on or record live phone calls. FlexiSPY stands out in the realm of spy apps with its comprehensive features that go beyond traditional text and call tracking. Whether it’s for parental control, employee monitoring, or personal reasons, FlexiSPY provides a reliable and advanced solution for those who need more than just basic monitoring.

#4 iKeyMonitor: A Versatile Spy App with Free and Premium Options

Continuing our journey through the on of the best spy apps for tracking calls, let’s turn our attention to iKeyMonitor. This app stands out for offering a free trial and a free plan, making it an accessible option for those looking to monitor calls and texts without a hefty investment.  A few nice things about iKeyMonitor:

  • 🆓 It offers a free version with basic call logs.
  • 💰 An affordable paid option to unlock more features.
  • 📱 Available for both iPhone and Android.

iKeymonitor View call logs

KeyMonitor: Affordable Monitoring for Everyone

🆓 Free Plan with Essential Features

  • 📊 Basic Monitoring: The free version of iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor text messages and call logs.
  • 👀 Call Logs Insight: View who someone is calling with detailed call logs, including contact information.

With iKeyMonitor, you can:

  • 📞 View call logs showing numbers, contacts, durations, timestamps.
  • 🎧 See full recordings and conversations (paid version).
  • 🌐 Monitor both standard and VoIP calls.

So if you want free call log visibility or affordable paid call recording, iKeyMonitor delivers that.

📞 Spy on Call History

  • 🌟 Comprehensive Call Tracking: With iKeyMonitor, you can monitor call history, including incoming and outgoing calls, timestamps, and contact details.
  • 🔍 What You Can Monitor:
    • Call Duration: Know how long each call lasts.
    • 📅 Date and Time Stamp: Get precise information on when each call was made.
    • 📇 Contact Information: Access names and phone numbers associated with each call.

🎙️ Call Recorder Spy App

  • 🔊 In-Depth Call Recording: iKeyMonitor’s automatic call recorder tracks all kinds of calls, including cellular, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, and more.
  • 📝 Recording Features:
    • 📞 Incoming and Outgoing Calls: Monitor both sides of the conversation.
    • 🌐 Remote Access: Listen to call conversations online remotely.
    • 📋 Detailed Call Information: Access date, time, and contact details for each call.

💬 Social Media Tracking (Premium)

  • While the free version doesn’t include social media tracking, purchasing add-ons enables monitoring of social media chats and activities.

A limitation with the free iKeyMonitor is no text message or social media monitoring. You’d have to upgrade to a paid package to unlock tracking of texts, WhatsApp, etc.

To get a better understanding of how to track phone calls with iKeyMonitor, check out their instructional video:

But for free call data or low-cost full call recordings, iKeyMonitor is a decent choice worth looking at. iKeyMonitor offers a great balance between affordability and functionality, making it a solid choice for those who need basic monitoring capabilities without spending a lot. The option to upgrade to more advanced features ensures it can cater to more demanding tracking needs as well.

My Final Take: mSpy is the Best Spy App for Call Tracking

After extensively testing the top monitoring apps, I have to give mSpy the win. 🏆

While FlexiSPY lets you actually record phone calls and iKeyMonitor is nicely affordable, mSpy has the best balance of call tracking features and overall value.

Key advantages of using mSpy for call monitoring:

  • 📑 Detailed call logs showing contacts, durations, timestamps.
  • 🔄 Call data integrated with texts and social media tracking.
  • 🎛️ Intuitive dashboard to spot patterns and unusual activity.
  • 🔐 Safe and secure data encryption.

I also like that mSpy doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting like some apps, making setup simple.

Ultimately, through comprehensive call tracking and broader monitoring capabilities, mSpy gives unmatched insight into who someone is contacting and what they’re discussing across channels. For conveniently keeping tabs on your child’s or spouse’s communications, I highly recommend mSpy as the spy app that delivers a complete picture.

Let me know which app you decide to go with or if you have any other questions! I’m always available in the comments to help compare options or provide any other advice. Safe monitoring! 🕵️‍♂️


💭 What features allow you to track calls from another phone?
Spy apps record details like call logs, durations, timestamps and contacts. Advanced apps can record conversations or let you listen in live.

💭 Does the person need to know about the spy app?
No. These apps run hidden in the background without any visible icon or notifications. Just don’t choose an app requiring jailbreak as that’s more detectable.

💭 Can I track calls on an iPhone and Android?
Most spy apps work on both iOS and Android devices. Just check for operating system compatibility before installing the app.

💭 Is it legal to monitor someone's calls?
It depends. Make sure to research local laws, use ethically, get consent if required, and avoid sharing private data from the target device. It’s best to consult a legal expert.

💭 What happens if the target deletes the spy app?
Quality apps stay persistently installed and won’t get deleted easily. However, Android allows uninstalling more easily. For best results, use an iPhone with lock screen passcode.

💭 Can the person find out I'm tracking their calls?
Unlikely if choosing a reputable app using top data encryption and stealth features. Avoid apps needing a jailbreak which is more detectable. Responsible usage on your end maintains discretion.

💭 How much do call tracker spy apps cost?
Prices range widely from $20 to $200+ depending on subscription length (monthly, quarterly, yearly). Premium apps with more features run higher. But even mid-range apps get the basic call tracking job done.

Let me know any other questions! I’m here to provide guidance on choosing the right spyware for monitoring calls from another smartphone.

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