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Best Instagram Spy Software

Social media plays a huge role in our lives these days. While platforms like Instagram allow us to stay connected and express ourselves, they can also expose us to certain risks. This is why tools like Instagram spy apps exist – to provide monitoring and ensure safety.

Do you ever wonder what’s happening in the hidden corners of Instagram? Or do you need to keep track of your child’s online activities? Instagram spy apps are your answer. These powerful tools enable you to keep a watchful eye, ensuring safety and security. We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the best Instagram spy apps currently available, with SpyPhoneMax taking the top spot.

Quick Summary

In this review, I tested over 7 leading Instagram monitoring tools for tracking direct messages, posts, stories and more.

EyeZy stands out for its detailed message timestamps and file access. mSpy offers robust DM and media monitoring with screenshots and blocking.

uMobix uniquely provides full remote control over iOS Instagram accounts. Hoverwatch takes a different approach with frequent activity screenshots.

Cocospy focuses specifically on logging all individual and group messages.

While each Instagram spy app has strengths and limitations, these solutions enable you to:

  • View private conversations
  • Monitor photos/videos shared
  • See searched topics and posts liked
  • Restrict app usage if necessary

So whether you need to keep tabs on your child’s activity or have other monitoring needs, these Instagram trackers offer cutting-edge capabilities.

I encourage you to explore which tool best suits your specific needs and budget. Several offer free demos and trials as well.

Why Use An Instagram Spy App?

As a concerned parent, I wanted to keep up with my child’s Instagram activity. An Instagram tracking app allows me to:

  • 👀 Keeping an Eye on Social Interactions: The app enables me to see who my child is following and interacting with. It’s crucial in today’s world to know the kind of social circles and influences they are exposed to.
  • 📱 Monitoring Content Consumption: Children can come across a wide range of content on Instagram. Using the spy app, I can view the type of content they’re engaging with, ensuring it’s appropriate for their age and aligns with our family values.
  • 💬 Overseeing Direct Communications: The ability to monitor messages and comments is vital. It helps me to understand the nature of the conversations my child is having and to intervene if I spot anything concerning or inappropriate.
  • 🚨 Identifying Potential Risks: In a world where online threats like cyberbullying or predatory behavior are real, this tool helps me to quickly identify any suspicious activity. This way, I can take steps to educate my child or intervene if necessary.
  • 🔒 Ensuring Online Safety: Ultimately, my goal is to protect my child’s safety without intruding too much into their personal space. An Instagram spy app provides that balance, allowing me to be a responsible parent while respecting their privacy.
  • 🤝 Building Trust and Communication: Using this tool responsibly can also open up conversations about internet safety and responsible social media use, fostering trust and communication between me and my child.

This ensures I can identify any suspicious activity and take steps to protect them if needed.

🌐 Key Factors in Choosing an Instagram Spy App

In my journey to find the best Instagram spy app, I focused on several essential features that I believe are crucial for effective and discreet monitoring. Here’s a detailed look at what I prioritized:

  • 📡 Easy Remote Access: One of the most critical factors for me was the ability to access the target Instagram account remotely. This meant I didn’t need to have physical access to the phone, which is particularly useful for discreet monitoring.
  • 🔇 Stealth Mode: The app’s ability to run undetected in the background was a top priority. It’s important that the app doesn’t alert the user of its presence, ensuring that my monitoring activities remain confidential and the data gathered is authentic.
  • 💬 Message Tracking: I needed a tool that could effectively log all direct messages (DMs) and comments on Instagram. This feature is invaluable in understanding the nature of the interactions and conversations happening on the account.
  • 📷 Media Downloads: The ability to save photos and videos viewed or shared on the Instagram account was another essential feature. It’s crucial for a complete understanding of the visual content being consumed or distributed by the user.
  • 📍 Location Tracking: Location tracking was another feature I considered important. It helps in understanding the geographical context of the user’s activities, adding another layer of insight into their behavior and preferences on Instagram.
  • 💸 Price: Lastly, the app’s cost was a significant consideration. I sought an app that offered a good balance between affordability and reliability. It needed to be budget-friendly but still provide robust and dependable monitoring capabilities.

By focusing on these key factors, I was able to sift through various options and select an Instagram spy app that best met my needs for efficient, stealthy, and comprehensive monitoring.

🕵️ How Do Instagram Spy Apps Work?

After installing an Instagram tracking app on an iPhone or Android phone, it works discreetly in the background to monitor activity. Every message, photo, and video sent or received in Instagram DMs gets logged and uploaded to the spy app’s online dashboard. Even if the user deletes messages or photos on their device, the spy app saves a copy that is viewable in your dashboard.

Here’s a more in-depth look into how these apps function after installation on an iPhone or Android device:

  • 🔒 Discreet Operation: Once installed, these apps run silently in the background. They’re designed to be undetectable, ensuring that the user of the target phone remains unaware of their presence.
  • 📱 Comprehensive Data Logging: Every message, photo, and video sent or received through Instagram DMs is meticulously logged. This data is then uploaded to the spy app’s online dashboard.
  • 💾 Uninterrupted Access to Deleted Data: An impressive feature of these apps is their ability to keep a record of all interactions, even those deleted by the user. This means, if a message or photo is deleted from the device, it still remains accessible in your dashboard.
  • 📸 Regular Screenshots: Some apps enhance monitoring by regularly capturing screenshots. This feature allows you to see the stories viewed by the user and the posts they’ve liked, providing a more complete picture of their Instagram activity.
  • 🎮 Direct Remote Control: Advanced spy apps like uMobix offer the capability to remotely control the Instagram account. This means you can directly interact with the account, view stories, and even post or delete content if necessary.
  • 📍 Location Tracking: The apps often include location tracking for photos and messages. This feature is particularly useful for understanding the geographical context of posts and interactions.
  • 📊 User-Friendly Dashboard: The data collected by these apps is presented in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. This dashboard becomes a central hub for all the tracked information, allowing you to quickly view and analyze the target’s Instagram activity.
  • 🔐 Security and Privacy: These apps usually employ robust security measures to protect the collected data, ensuring that your monitoring activities remain confidential.

Instagram spy apps offer a comprehensive suite of features that allow for detailed and discreet monitoring of Instagram activities. Whether for parental control, employee monitoring, or personal reasons, these apps provide a window into the digital interactions on Instagram, albeit with important ethical and legal considerations to keep in mind.

🤔 Can You Read DMs Without the Phone?

📲 For Android Devices:

  • Initial Setup: To install the spy app on an Android device, physical access is initially required. This is a one-time necessity to set up the app.
  • Remote Monitoring Post-Setup: Once the app is installed and set up, you can easily monitor DMs remotely. The app runs in the background, continuously uploading data to an online dashboard, which you can access from anywhere.

🍏 For iPhones and iPads:

  • iCloud Access: With Apple devices, the game changes. If you have the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone or iPad, you can monitor Instagram activities without ever touching the phone.
  • Automatic Backup: The data, including Instagram messages, gets automatically backed up to iCloud. This backup is then synced with the spy app’s dashboard, allowing remote viewing.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A critical point here is Apple’s 2FA. If this security feature is enabled on the iCloud account, you will need to obtain the one-time verification code sent to the target’s device to access the data.
  • Notification of New Login: Additionally, when a new login to iCloud is detected (from your monitoring device), the target might receive a notification from Apple, alerting them of the activity.

🚨 Security and Privacy Concerns:

  • Ethical Considerations: It’s important to consider the ethical implications of monitoring someone’s Instagram DMs without their knowledge.
  • Legal Implications: Depending on your location and the situation, there could be legal ramifications to consider when accessing someone’s personal messages without their consent.

💡 In summary:

  • Android vs. iOS: While Android requires initial physical access, iPhones offer a more remote approach via iCloud, though both have their own set of challenges and limitations.
  • Awareness of Alerts: Especially with iOS devices, be aware that the target may receive alerts or require additional credentials for access.

While it’s technically possible to read Instagram DMs without having the phone in your possession, the process varies significantly between Android and iOS devices. It also involves navigating through several security measures and considering ethical and legal implications.

🌟 What Else Can You See With Instagram Spying Apps?

In addition to messages, Instagram tracker tools log:

  • 💬 Comments – Sent and received comments are logged.
  • ❤️ Liked Posts – See which posts the user has liked.
  • 👥 Followers/Following – View accounts they follow or new followers.
  • 📸 Media Files – Download saved photos and videos.

Some tools even:

  • 🚮 Capture Deleted Messages – Allowing you to see messages that the user has removed.
  • 🎮 Remote Control – Provide the ability to remotely control the account.

So, beyond just reading DMs, Instagram hacking apps provide in-depth oversight of all activity.

Best Instagram Spy Software

If you’re looking to monitor someone’s Instagram activity, there are a few key software tools to consider. I recently tested out one of the top Instagram tracking apps – EyeZy.

EyeZy: A Standout Instagram Tracker 🌟

As I detail in my full review of EyeZy, it offers robust capabilities for keeping tabs on an Instagram account. I also covered EyeZy’s specialized Instagram monitoring features.

EyeZy distinguishes itself in the crowded spy app market, particularly appealing to those who need in-depth Instagram monitoring.

EyeZy provides access to Instagram DM

EyeZy’s Features:

  • 🕒 Timestamps for Messages: EyeZy’s unique feature is its ability to attach detailed timestamps to every message, an essential tool for parents monitoring their children’s late-night phone usage.
  • 🚨 Magic Alerts: For users unable to monitor all Instagram activities, EyeZy’s alert system notifies you when specific words or phrases are used, ideal for detecting unsuitable conversations or possible cheating scenarios.
  • 🌐 Broad Social Media Coverage: EyeZy doesn’t limit itself to Instagram; it efficiently tracks interactions on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, providing a comprehensive social media surveillance experience.
  • 💬 Comprehensive Instagram DM and Media Monitoring: EyeZy excels in revealing all Instagram chats, including deleted messages, and enables access to photos shared in DMs, crucial for protecting against inappropriate content.
  • 🔒 Direct Control Over Instagram Access: For Android devices, EyeZy offers the functionality to block access to Instagram directly from its dashboard.

Despite its many strengths, EyeZy has some notable limitations:

  • 🔎 Limited Instagram Interaction Monitoring: It doesn’t track Instagram stories or the content users post and interact with.
  • 📱 Device-Specific Features: The app blocking feature is exclusive to Android.

EyeZy compensates these limitations with its Files Finder feature, offering visibility into all multimedia files on the target device.

Pricing and User Accessibility:

EyeZy is celebrated for its affordability:

1 Months
Great for people who like
to work in their free time.

  • Great for people who like
    to work in their free time.
Most Popular
3 Months
Perfect for start-ups or
small companies.

  • Perfect for start-ups or
    small companies.
Best Value
12 Months
Best for large companies
and enterprise.

  • Best for large companies
    and enterprise.

It also offers a live demo, a three-day trial, and a 14-day money-back guarantee, mitigating any financial risks in trying out the service.

  • 💪 Excellent Instagram DM monitoring
  • 🚫 Ability to block Instagram (Android)
  • 📁 Full access to device media files
  • 🌍 Multilingual support
  • 📲 User-friendly interface
  • 📊 Limited profile interaction tracking
  • 📵 App blocking only for Android
  • ⏳ Slower iCloud syncing
  • 💲 Higher cost for multiple device tracking

EyeZy presents itself as a potent option for those needing detailed insights into Instagram DMs and media sharing. Its user-friendly approach, coupled with a range of functionalities, places it as a significant player in the spy app arena. Nevertheless, it’s important to weigh its features against its limitations and pricing to make an informed choice.

I’d rate EyeZy 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for its capabilities reading Instagram direct messages and accessing media files. The detailed timestamps are also useful for enforcing time limits.

It’s an affordable and user-friendly way to monitor your child’s Instagram activity or spy on a partner’s messages. I encourage you to try out EyeZy’s free demo to experience it firsthand.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to provide recommendations about spy software for any situation.


Continuing our exploration of the best Instagram spy software, we move on to mSpy, a robust tool known for its comprehensive social media tracking capabilities. For an extensive review of mSpy, especially its functionality for Instagram, check out our dedicated article here.

mSpy is a standout choice for those seeking an all-encompassing Instagram spy app. Here’s a deep dive into its features and functionalities.

mSPY access to Instagram chat

Key Features of mSpy:

  • 📩 Comprehensive Instagram DM Tracking: mSpy allows you to see every message sent and received on Instagram, including media files and links. Links are clickable, offering a deeper insight into the content interests of the device owner.
  • 📍 Built-In GPS Tracker: A pivotal feature of mSpy is its GPS tracker. You can locate the target device in real-time, which is incredibly useful for verifying the whereabouts of your kid, partner, or other family members.
  • 🎥 Access to Saved Media: If the device owner saves any photo or video from Instagram, mSpy makes it easy to retrieve it from the target phone’s gallery. This ensures no media file goes unnoticed.
  • 👁️ Screen Recording and Snapshots: The app’s screen recorder feature lets you spy on Instagram usage in real-time. You can also take snapshots to review the content they view and interact with on the platform.
  • 🚫 Application Blocking: mSpy allows you to remotely block Instagram or any other application, providing an extra layer of control over the target device’s activities.
  • 🔍 Full Browsing History Monitoring: Beyond Instagram, mSpy offers a comprehensive view of the target’s browsing history, enhancing its utility as a parental control tool.

You get access to the target’s complete Instagram chat history and media exchanges. mSpy also makes it easy to download or save any concerning photos and videos. I like how mSpy lets you actively monitor their live activity on Instagram through screen recordings and remote screenshots. You can see exactly what content they view or interact with. And if issues arise, you have the ability to remotely block the Instagram app.

Additional mSpy Advantages:

  • 🔒 Two-factor authentication for added security.
  • 🖥️ Easy-to-use interface.
  • 📋 Excellent text and contact logging features.
  • 📸 Remote screenshot capabilities.
  • 🌍 Custom geo-fencing setup.

Pricing and Compatibility:

  • 💳 Pricing: mSpy starts at $11.66/month for an annual subscription. All plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • 📱 Compatibility: Supports Android devices running Android 4+ and iOS 7 – 13+ without jailbreak, as well as all iOS versions with jailbreak.
  • 🔗 Number of Devices: Tracks one device per plan.
  • 👓 Ability to read all Instagram DMs, even deleted ones.
  • 📲 Access to all links, photos, and videos shared over Instagram DMs.
  • 🎞️ Screen recording feature for real-time monitoring.
  • 🌐 Access to the device’s full browsing history.
  • 🚫 Has application-blocking capabilities.
  • 💰 The monthly plan can be expensive.

Downsides are that mSpy only lets you monitor one device per plan. It’s also on the pricier side, at $11.66/month for the cheapest package. However, the 24/7 Instagram monitoring, content downloads, and remote blocking capabilities make mSpy stand out as a top pick for Instagram spying apps. I give mSpy a rating of 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 for its exceptional message tracking abilities and advanced safety controls. So if price isn’t a concern and you need an all-in-one Instagram spy solution, mSpy is hard to beat.


Next in our series on the best Instagram spy software, we explore uMobix, a robust tool particularly adept at Instagram monitoring. For those seeking a deeper dive, our dedicated review of uMobix can be found here. uMobix stands out for giving you exceptional control over an Instagram account when monitoring iOS devices.

uMobix stands out as one of the top choices, especially for iPhone users, offering extensive control and monitoring capabilities over Instagram activities.

uMobix Instagram Access

Features of uMobix:

  • 📱 Full Control on iOS Devices: For iOS users, uMobix offers unparalleled control. You can navigate the Instagram account on the target device as if it were your own. This includes viewing the accounts they follow, the content they post, and the photos and videos they like.
  • 👀 Spy on Instagram Activities: The app allows you to monitor Instagram stories, read all DMs, and see the user’s interactions on the platform. You can even manage the account by unfollowing pages or blocking users.
  • 🚫 Remote Control and Blocking: With uMobix, you can uninstall the Instagram app remotely or block access to the platform via a browser, making it a versatile tool for parents wanting to regulate their child’s Instagram usage.
  • 🌐 Android Functionality: While uMobix offers more limited features on Android, it still serves as an effective Instagram spy tool. It allows reading of Instagram DMs and captures snapshots of the user’s activities on the platform.

Pricing and Compatibility:

  • 💳 Starting Price: uMobix starts at $12.49/month for an annual subscription.
  • 📱 Compatibility: Compatible with all Android phones and tablets, and all iPhones and iPads.
  • 🔗 Device Support: Tracks one device per plan.
  • 🎛️ Full control of Instagram on iOS devices.
  • 📩 Ability to read all Instagram DMs, including deleted ones.
  • 🤳 Insight into the content interacted with on the platform.
  • 📷 Regular screenshots for Android devices.
  • 💲 Monitoring multiple devices can be expensive.

Additional uMobix Advantages:

For Android devices, uMobix takes snapshots of activity rather than account takeovers. But you still get:

  • DM monitoring
  • Screenshots every 5 minutes
  • 🌍 Comprehensive Web Monitoring: uMobix tracks the target’s website visits, including browser history and bookmarked sites, offering insights into their online interests.
  • 🔐 Advanced Security: The app uses secure RSA-4096 encryption and can detect and remove suspicious apps on the target device.
  • 🔧 User-Friendly Interface: The dashboard is designed for easy navigation and can be installed with a single click, without affecting the target device’s performance

uMobix emerges as a strong contender in the Instagram spy app market, especially for iOS users. Its ability to offer full control and detailed monitoring of Instagram activities sets it apart. However, its slightly higher cost compared to competitors like mSpy and EyeZy and the limitation of one device per plan are factors to consider. The additional features like remote device control and comprehensive web monitoring make it a compelling choice for those seeking extensive oversight over Instagram usage.

Downsides are it’s pricier than rivals at $12.49/month. And you can only monitor one device per plan. But the unparalleled iOS command and safety controls make uMobix a top Instagram monitoring pick. I rate it 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for iOS versatility especially.

If you need granular Instagram oversight and protection for an iPhone/iPad, uMobix delivers. Be sure to check out my complete uMobix review guide for more details too.


Continuing our exploration of top Instagram spy software, let’s delve into Hoverwatch, a versatile tool for those needing to monitor multiple devices simultaneously. For an in-depth look at Hoverwatch, check out our dedicated review here.

Hoverwatch takes a unique approach to Instagram monitoring through frequent screenshots of activity.

Hoverwatch Instagram

Key features:

  • 👥 Multiple Device Monitoring: Hoverwatch is tailored for those who need to keep tabs on multiple devices – up to five on the basic plan. This feature is particularly beneficial for parents with several children.
  • 📱 Regular Screenshots for Detailed Tracking: A unique aspect of Hoverwatch is its focus on capturing regular screenshots of the target device’s display, allowing you to see real-time activity and interactions.
  • 💬 Instagram Spy Feature: With Hoverwatch, you can monitor Instagram messages, sent and received, as well as follow requests – a feature not commonly found in all Instagram spy apps.
  • 🔑 Keylogger for In-Depth Monitoring: For Android users, Hoverwatch includes a robust keylogger, providing detailed insights into every keystroke made on the target device.
  • 🖼️ Multimedia Gallery Downloads: The app allows you to download and view media files from the target device’s gallery, adding an extra layer to your monitoring capabilities.

Pricing and Plans:

  • 💲 Affordable Plans: Hoverwatch offers plans starting at $6 per device per month with the Business plan.
  • 🔢 Device Options: You can choose plans for 1, 5, or 25 devices.
  • 🚫 No Money-Back Guarantee: While there is no money-back guarantee, the affordable pricing makes it a worthwhile investment to try.
  • 🌐 Offers GPS, internet, and cell phone tracking.
  • 🔍 Robust keylogger function.
  • 📷 Lets you schedule screenshots.
  • 🖼️ Allows multimedia gallery downloads.
  • ❌ No iOS version available.

Rather than logging messages directly, Hoverwatch relies on snapshots behind the scenes. So you see visible proof of what they view or share on Instagram. The screenshot function also captures activity even in disappearing message chats. And you can monitor up to 25 devices simultaneously! Downsides are lack of iOS support and no direct content downloads. But if call logging and location tracking matter more, Hoverwatch is a cost-effective multi-device solution.

For inexpensive large-scale monitoring with visual evidence from Instagram, Hoverwatch hits the mark thanks to the screenshots. I give it a rating of 3.5/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐💫 for the creative screenshot approach and cross-platform support, despite some limitations.


Next in our series on Instagram spy software is Cocospy, a versatile tool acclaimed for its functionality on both Android and iPhone devices. For an in-depth perspective on Cocospy, be sure to read our dedicated review here.

Cocospy provides detailed tracking of Instagram direct messages across iOS and Android devices.

Cocospy Instagram

Key Features of Cocospy:

  • 💬 Instagram DM and Group Chat Tracking: Cocospy excels in tracking both direct messages and group conversations on Instagram. It provides detailed information about chat names, usernames, recent messages, and timestamps.
  • 📸 Access to Media Shared in DMs: The app displays reactions to Instagram stories and shows links, photos, and videos shared in Instagram DMs. It stores all sent or received media on an online server, ensuring access even if they’re deleted from the target device.
  • 🔍 Keylogger Functionality: With Cocospy’s keylogger, you can monitor what the target user is searching on Instagram and the web. This is particularly useful for parents concerned about their children accessing inappropriate content.

Pricing and Plans:

  • 💵 Starting Price: Cocospy’s plans begin at $12.49/month for an annual subscription.
  • 📱 Compatibility: Supports Android devices running Android 4+ and all iPhones and iPads connected to iCloud.
  • 🔗 Device Support: Tracks one device per plan.

Additional Features:

  • 👻 Stealth Mode: Cocospy operates in stealth mode, ensuring it remains undetectable on the target device.
  • 🔔 SIM Card Change Alerts: It alerts you if the SIM card in the target device is changed.
  • 🔐 Robust Keylogger: The keylogger records every keystroke, making it effective across various applications.
  • 🔍 Monitors Deleted Messages: Particularly useful for tracking messages that are typed and then deleted.
  • 📩 Tracks both individual and group chats on Instagram.
  • 📊 Provides in-depth details for each message.
  • 🌐 Allows viewing of links, photos, and videos in Instagram DMs.
  • 📲 Extends monitoring to other social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • 🚫 Can’t view Instagram profiles directly.
  • ❌ No capability to block the app remotely.
  • 🔒 Limited functionality on iOS devices.

A major plus is you can infiltrate both individual and group DMs. So Cocospy delivers complete SMS/MMS monitoring. The keylogger also captures their search terms and attempted messages on IG or browsers. So you get visibility into their interests and typing habits. Limitations are no general IG feed access, no media downloads, and very limited iOS functionality. But for conversational monitoring specifically, Cocospy hits the mark. For easy access to IG chat logs and insights into search behavior, I give Cocospy a rating of 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ thanks to the expansive message tracking. Cocospy isn’t the most full-featured Instagram solution. But if viewing DMs and group messages is your priority, it’s a leading choice.

The Verdict: My Top Pick Instagram Monitoring Tool

After testing numerous Instagram tracking tools, I found mSpy and EyeZy to be leading solutions with slightly different strengths.

mSpy – Best Overall Instagram Spy App

I chose mSpy as the #1 overall Instagram spy app because it offers the most robust and versatile feature set, including:

✅ In-depth DM and media file monitoring ✅ Screen recordings of activity
✅ Remote blocking capabilities ✅ Cross-platform support

You get complete access and oversight for comprehensive protection. The sophistication of mSpy’s features make it hard to beat for Instagram monitoring.

EyeZy – Best Budget Instagram Spy App

While mSpy has an expansive feature set, EyeZy is a more affordable alternative at just $9.99 a month.

Key advantages of EyeZy for Instagram include:

✅ Detailed DM timestamps ✅ Media file downloads ✅ Customizable activity alerts ✅ Password grabber capability

So while EyeZy doesn’t have full remote control like mSpy, you still get in-depth DM tracking and file monitoring at a lower cost.

The custom alerts and password access also make it easy to stay on top of new suspicious activity – a major plus.

So for budget-focused monitoring with detailed Instagram chat insights, EyeZy is a leading pick and competes closely with top tools like mSpy.

When choosing the right Instagram monitoring tool for your needs, consider capabilities vs. pricing to find the best match. I recommend evaluating free trials to compare features firsthand before deciding. Let me know if you have any other questions! Both mSpy and EyeZy offer premier Instagram tracking and protection.


✅ What data can Instagram spy apps access?
Instagram spy apps allow you to view private messages, shared media, stories, posts liked, accounts followed, locations, and more. Some even offer screen recordings. The extent depends on the specific app.

✅ Can you read DMs without notifications?
Yes, Instagram monitoring tools access messages in stealth mode without detection. The user won’t get any notifications that their messages or activity is being tracked behind the scenes.

✅ Is it legal to use these apps?
It is legal to monitor devices you own, like your child’s phone. But spying on others without consent raises privacy issues. Understand local laws before use. Some apps promote ethical use policies.

✅ What if they have two-factor authentication enabled?
You typically need the user’s phone for 2 minutes to input a 2FA code during remote setup. Some tools provide specialized assistance in handling 2FA. After setup, future codes may also be required if re-authenticating.

✅ Can Instagram spy apps be detected?
Top monitoring apps run silently in the background without being visible on the device. Without actively scanning for spyware, the app remains undetectable. Though some do mention ethical usage terms.

✅ What if they change their password?
If the Instagram password changes, the connection will be lost until updated credentials are entered into the spy app’s dashboard. Some apps offer advanced Keylogger features to help capture updated passwords.

I hope these Instagram spy app FAQs have helped explain what to expect! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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