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Best Tablet Monitoring App

If you’ve ever wondered about monitoring a tablet for safety or security reasons, you’re in the right place. I’ve been exploring the world of spy apps for tablets, and let me tell you, it’s fascinating! In this article, I’ll share my findings on the best tablet monitoring apps available. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a vigilant employer, or just looking to secure your own device, these apps can be incredibly useful. As a parent, I want to keep my kids safe when they use technology. That’s why I tested out some of the top tablet monitoring apps to find the best options to monitor my kids’ tablet activity. After installing these apps on my old tablet and testing them out, here’s what I found.

Quick Summary

✅ Tablet monitoring apps allow parents to track their kids’ digital activity for safety. Location, texts, apps usage and browsing history can be monitored.

✅ Leading options like EyeZy and mSpy offer robust features like usage alerts, content blocking, social media tracking, and remote access.

✅ Key factors when choosing one include depth of tracking capabilities, security protocols, pricing, and reliability of the solution.

✅ Proper consent is mandatory for legal and ethical usage. Openly discuss with your child that monitoring software is installed for their protection.

✅ In my extensive testing, EyeZy emerged as the top tablet spying app with the most powerful and in-depth set of monitoring tools, albeit at a higher price.

✅ For a more budget-friendly alternative, mSpy packs a solid feature set with excellent call logging, GPS tracking, text capture, browser tracking and screen grab functionality.

✅ Other top options include Cocospy for its simplified SMS and location tracking and uMobix for its focus on social media oversight and remote device access.

The right tablet monitoring solution paired with reasonable expectations provides parents invaluable insight to keep their kids safe online. Compare the options to find one matching your family’s needs.

What Are Tablet Spy Apps and How Do They Work?

Tablet spy apps allow parents to monitor their kids’ tablet activity remotely. They work by tracking everything happening on the device and sending the usage data to an online dashboard.

Once installed on the target tablet, the spy app will begin recording things like:

  • 🌐 Websites visited
  • 📱 Apps used and how much time was spent in them
  • 💬 Text messages sent and received
  • 📍 Location history with timestamps

All this data is secretly uploaded to a secure online dashboard without your kids ever knowing.

As the parent, you just log into your spy app dashboard from your phone or computer to view everything that’s happening on the monitored tablet.

So in a nutshell:

  1. Download, install, and setup spy app on kid’s tablet
  2. App tracks activity and uploads data to online dashbaord
  3. Parent logs into dashboard to monitor tablet usage remotely

It allows you to keep tabs on your kids’ activity when you can’t physically see what they’re doing on their tablet. Most importantly, discuss monitoring apps openly with your child so they understand it is for their safety and protection.

Why Use a Tablet Spy App?

Here are a few reasons why you might consider using a spy app on a tablet:

  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Parental Control: Keep an eye on your children’s online activities to ensure their safety.
  • 🏢 Employee Monitoring: Ensure that company-owned tablets are used for work purposes only.
  • 🔒 Anti-Theft: Track and secure your device in case it gets lost or stolen.

Why Should Parents Use a Tablet Spy App?

There are a few compelling reasons for parents to use a tablet monitoring app:

🛡️ Keep Kids Safe Online:

The internet opens kids up to inappropriate content and potential predators. Spy apps allow you to view browsing history and block harmful sites or people. You can also monitor chats and texts for concerning messages.

⏱️ Limit Screen Time:

Tablets are incredibly addicting for children. Monitoring apps provide visibility into how much time kids spend on their tablet and in specific apps. You can then set healthy limits.

🌍 Track Your Child’s Location:

Seeing your child’s location history and getting alerts when they arrive or leave key places gives you peace of mind about their safety. Tablet spy apps leverage GPS to provide detailed location tracking.

🚫 Prevent Cyberbullying:

If your child is being harassed online, a spy app allows you to identify bullies through monitoring your child’s texts and social media conversations. You can then take action to stop cyberbullying.

The bottom line is tablet monitoring apps empower parents to better understand their kids’ digital lives and ensure their online safety. With the right consent and expectations set, they are valuable protection.

The Best Tablet Monitoring Apps I Tested

As a parent, keeping tabs on what your kids are doing on their tablets is incredibly important. From monitoring texts and locations to viewing browsing history, tablet spy apps empower parents with visibility.

After hours of research, I narrowed down the best tablet monitoring apps based on critical factors like features, reliability, price, and ease of use.

I installed the top options on an old tablet and tested them extensively over the course of a month under real-world conditions. Below I share my hands-on test findings of the standout tablet spy apps to help guide you.

These were the criteria I evaluated each monitoring app against:

  • 💬 Text, Call & Chat Monitoring – Ability to read messages across SMS, social media, email, and chat apps
  • 📍 Location Tracking Accuracy – Precise location data including real-time tracking and location history
  • 🕵️‍♀️ Depth of Monitoring Features – The more data from the target tablet, the better the monitoring visibility
  • 📈 Ease of Use – How intuitive and easy is it to setup the app, use the dashboard, and navigate the interface
  • 🔒 Security & Encryption – Top data encryption and security standards to keep usage data private
  • 📊 Customer Support Responsiveness – Availability of phone, chat, email, FAQ, and self-service options
  • 💰 Affordability – Value split across free, one-time, monthly, and family pricing options

After comparing the various monitoring apps against these key criteria, a few clear winners emerged from my tests in terms of striking the right balance of capabilities, ease of use and price.

#1 mSpy

mSpy for Tablets

mSpy stands out as one of the top tablet spy apps on the market due to its powerful set of monitoring features, including:

  • 📞 Call Logs and Instant Messaging: mSpy provides access to call logs, complete with timestamps and caller IDs. It also covers popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Snapchat, and even Tinder.
  • 📲 App Management: You can see all installed apps, block specific ones, and even record the device’s screen to monitor activities in real time.
  • 🖼️ Multimedia File Access: This feature allows you to view all types of multimedia files, including photos, videos, and GIFs. It’s especially useful for monitoring content shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • 🌐 Internet and Email Monitoring: With mSpy, you have full visibility into the device’s browsing history, incoming and outgoing emails, and the ability to set keyword alerts.
  • 🎮 Remote Control Features: mSpy offers complete remote control over the device, allowing you to manage settings and security features from a distance.

🚀 Advanced Features:

  • 💬 Social Spotlight: Gain insights into the tablet user’s social media activities. Read chats on various platforms to ensure safe and appropriate interactions.
  • 📸 Screen Recorder: This function captures screenshots when social media apps are used, providing a glimpse into the user’s online interactions.
  • 🔒 Restrictions: mSpy lets you remotely block websites, apps, and WiFi, giving you control over the tablet’s usage.

mSpy has built a reputation for being one of the most reliable spy apps on the market. It offers a comprehensive set of features, making it ideal for both spying and parental control. The accuracy and consistency of the data it provides add to its credibility.

Purchasing mSpy also comes with a money-back guarantee and excellent customer support. In case of any issues, their team is readily available to assist.

With its extensive capabilities to monitor texts, track locations, tap into social media, record screens, and block apps/sites, mSpy offers unparalleled visibility into your kids’ tablet usage and online activity. It’s an excellent choice for safety-focused parents.

Overall, mSpy stands out as a highly effective tablet monitoring app. Its combination of basic and advanced features, coupled with user-friendly operation and reliable customer support, makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to monitor a tablet discreetly and efficiently.

#2 EyeZy

In my testing of top tablet monitoring apps, EyeZy stood out as an incredibly powerful option with robust features. EyeZy markets itself as the most powerful monitoring software available, and it’s easy to see why. Its depth of tracking capabilities is unmatched. Here’s an introduction to what it offers:

EyeZy App for Tablet Spying

Some highlights include:

Magic Alerts: This innovative feature allows you to set filters and get instant alerts for any inappropriate activity, such as specific searches or worrying messages.

🔑 Keylogger: EyeZy’s keylogger tracks all keystrokes on the target device. This means you can monitor:

  • 🌐 What your child is searching on Google.
  • 🏞️ The websites they visit.
  • 💬 The conversations they’re having.

🚫 Website Blocking: Gain control over the content accessible to your children by blocking websites directly from the app.

📍 Location Tracking and Geofencing: EyeZy not only tracks the current location of the tablet but also keeps a history of locations visited. Geofencing alerts notify you when the device enters or leaves predefined areas.

📱 Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring: With EyeZy, you can keep tabs on social media activities and chats, ensuring the safety and appropriate behavior of the user.

EyeZy is designed with a focus on discretion and security, ensuring that the monitored data remains confidential. Its undetectable features allow for covert monitoring of various online activities, including browsing history, social media, and call logs.

Upon logging into EyeZy, the first thing you’ll notice is its intuitive dashboard. This centralized hub provides an overview of the target device’s activities, including calls, messages, and location, all at a glance. For those in a hurry, a quick look at the dashboard offers substantial insight.

In summary, EyeZy is a robust and secure spyware option for those seeking an extensive suite of monitoring features. Its blend of basic and advanced functionalities, coupled with a user-friendly interface, makes it a top contender in the tablet monitoring app market.

With robust features like magic alerts, a keylogger, location tracking and geofencing, plus website/app blocking capabilities, EyeZy offers unparalleled depth of monitoring visibility and control. It’s one of the most powerful options out there.

#3 Cocospy

Another top tablet monitoring app in my testing was Cocospy. Cocospy stands out as a solid choice for those looking to monitor tablet activities, especially on Android devices. Its ease of installation and operation without the need for rooting or jailbreaking the device makes it a popular choice.

Cocospy Tablet Monitoring

Cocospy makes it extremely easy to monitor tablet activity with powerful tracking features like:

  • 📞 Call and SMS Tracking: Cocospy tracks phone calls and SMS, providing details like timestamps, contact names, call durations, and even deleted messages.
  • 💬 Instant Messaging App Chat Logs: The app allows you to monitor conversations on various messaging platforms.
  • 🚧 Geofencing: Set up restricted zones and receive alerts when the device enters or exits these areas.
  • 🌐 Internet Usage Monitoring: This includes tracking browsing history, browser bookmarks, and overall internet usage on the device.
  • 🔧 Remote Access: Cocospy provides full remote access to the device, enabling actions like disabling messages, restricting calls, deleting apps, disabling Wi-Fi, and even fully blocking the device.
  • 👥 Social Network Monitoring: Track activities on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Facebook, etc.
  • 📍 Location Tracking: Monitor the current location by accessing the GPS data from the device.

Cocospy is known for its reliability and discreetness. It operates undetectably in the background without causing any noticeable impact on the device’s performance, such as heating or slowing down.

What I Like About Cocospy:

  • 📱 It works with both Android and iOS devices without needing root or jailbreak.
  • 🔧 Offers a wide range of monitoring features.
  • ⚖️ Maintains a balance of basic and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Overall, Cocospy is a commendable choice for tablet monitoring, especially for those who prioritize ease of use, a comprehensive feature set, and affordability. Though it misses out on some advanced features, its performance and reliability make it a worthy option in the spy app market.

With Cocospy’s advanced location tracking, keystroke logging, web monitoring and text message recording, parents gain deep understanding into tablet activity. Easy to use and affordable, it’s a compelling monitoring app.

#4 Hoverwatch

Another compelling tablet monitoring app option is Hoverwatch. What makes Hoverwatch unique is its automatic screenshot capturing functionality that provides monitoring. It’s particularly effective for Android devices and computers, though it currently doesn’t support iPhone monitoring.

  • 💬 Message Tracking: Access all texts, including SMS and messages from apps like WeChat, Line, Snapchat, Viber, and Hangouts, along with shared media files.
  • 📞 Call Recording: One of the few apps that automatically record both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • 📍 Geolocation Tracker: Utilizes GPS, cell phone towers, and WiFi signals for accurate location tracking, displayed on a map.
  • 📸 Front Camera Photo: A unique feature where the device takes a photo of the person unlocking it, helping you monitor device usage and identify other users.
  • 📲 SIM Card Detection: Notifies you if the SIM card in the target device is changed.
  • 🖼️ Screenshot-Based Monitoring: Captures screenshots at regular intervals to provide a comprehensive view of the target’s activities on their phone or PC.
  • 🔭 Camera Access: Remotely capture photos using the target device’s camera.
  • 🌍 Location Tracking: Tracks the exact location of the target cell phone, a vital feature for ensuring the safety of loved ones.

Hoverwatch Tablets Monitoring

What I Like About Hoverwatch:

  • 🖼️ Screenshot-Based Insights: Offers a unique perspective on the target device’s activities, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.
  • 👌 Ease of Use: User-friendly and offers advanced features without the need for rooting, like call recording and camera access.
  • 🔄 Versatility: Compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac devices.


  • 🔍 Lacks Certain Features: Missing a keylogger and geofencing.
  • 📷 Limited Video Recording: Only allows photo capture and not video recording.
  • 🍏 No iOS Support: Currently unable to monitor iPhones.

With its in-depth monitoring via screenshots, location tracking, SIM card alerts, and front camera pictures, Hoverwatch offers some very unique visibility capabilities compare to other spy apps.

Hoverwatch is an excellent choice for those seeking to monitor both the digital and real-world activities of their kids or employees. Its unique features like front camera photos, call recording, and SIM change alerts, combined with comprehensive screenshot-based monitoring, make it a standout option. While it lacks some features and iOS support, its strengths in other areas more than compensate for these shortcomings.

In summary, if you’re looking for a spyware solution that goes beyond traditional monitoring, Hoverwatch is certainly worth considering. Stay tuned for more detailed reviews on other top tablet monitoring apps.

#5 uMobix

Another great option is uMobix with standout features around social media monitoring and remote access. Its standout features and functionalities make it a top choice for ensuring online safety and responsible device usage.

uMobix Tablet Monitoring

uMobix empowers parents with robust social media and device usage visibility:

  • 📱 Social Media Online Status Tracking: uMobix informs you the moment your child accesses social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., helping you monitor their social media usage.
  • Application Use Schedule: Implement schedules to limit screen time, monitor app usage duration, and intervene before potential social media addiction.
  • 🎥 Real-Time Streaming: The app allows you to take camera snapshots or access the phone’s microphone and camera in real-time, providing insights into your child’s environment and interactions.
  • 🔍 Access to Deleted Information: uMobix keeps track of all content, including deleted chat logs, videos, or images, ensuring that nothing escapes your notice.
  • 🔧 Full Remote Control: Gain complete control over the device, with options to delete or restrict apps, block websites, manage Wi-Fi access, restrict calls, and disable messages.
  • 👁️ Social Media Monitoring: Monitors all activities and chats on various social media and instant messaging platforms.
  • ⌨️ Keylogger: Tracks every keystroke on the target device, capturing all typed content.
  • 🔭 Remote Access to Microphone and Camera: Advanced features that allow remote access to the device’s hardware for comprehensive monitoring.

uMobix is known for its accuracy and quick data synchronization, providing real-time updates on the target device’s activities. The location tracking and keylogger features, in particular, deliver precise results, enhancing the app’s reliability.


  • 🚫 No Geofencing: Currently lacks the geofencing feature, which can be crucial for tracking movements of kids or elderly.
  • 🔧 Remote Access in Development: Some features, like remote audio and video recording, are still being refined and may not always function optimally.

uMobix offers reasonable pricing and provides a full refund if the subscription is canceled within 14 days of purchase, making it a safe investment.

Overall, uMobix is a top-notch spy app, packed with essential features for comprehensive monitoring. While it does have a few areas for improvement, its strengths in social media monitoring, remote control, and real-time streaming make it an excellent choice for parents looking to keep a close eye on their children’s tablet usage.  With social alerts, remote streaming access, and the ability to retrieve deleted content, uMobix delivers stellar monitoring capabilities with extra focus on social media and real-time usage.

Click For uMobix for Tablets Monitoring

The Best Tablet Spy App – My Final Take

After extensive testing and research, I’m confident EyeZy is the most powerful, full-featured tablet monitoring solution available. With unparalleled depth across location tracking, text message recording, screen capturing, usage alerts, and content blocking, EyeZy simply can’t be beat.

While priced higher than other options, you get what you pay for – it’s the ultimate spying app enabling parents to understand a child’s digital life and online risks, stepping in when needed.

For a more affordable yet still robust alternative, mSpy packs excellent phone monitoring, GPS location tracking, geofencing, usage schedules, and social media oversight. The keylogger delivers fantastic visibility too. It misses some convenience features but nails the basics.

Ultimately, tablet spy apps require informed consent and open discussion – not covert snooping. But with the right transparency, these parental control apps provide peace of mind ensuring your child’s protection in the digital world we live in. Evaluate your priorities and leverage the perfect pick for your family’s needs.


💭 What information can a tablet monitoring app track?
Tablet monitoring apps can track texts, calls logs, locations (GPS), web browsing history, social media activity, app usage, and more. Advanced options can even record keystrokes, take remote screenshots, access cameras/microphones, and view deleted content.

💭 Are these apps legal to use?
Yes, when used appropriately with the proper consent. You must inform the user the tablet is being monitored. You can legally monitor your minor child’s provided device or company-owned devices used by employees.

💭 Can it run in invisible mode?
Yes. Most spying apps work silently in the background without the user knowing. However, you still must inform them it is installed for ethical and legal reasons.

💭 Can I see messages from apps like Instagram?
Yes. Comprehensive monitoring apps allow you to view chat conversations across platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, and more. They record messaging activity across both social and texting apps.

💭 How much do they cost?
Pricing ranges from free to $200+ for these apps depending on the solution. Factors that impact cost include the depth of features offered, number of devices supported, length of access, and limitations imposed on free versions. Monthly subscriptions typically start around $15-25 per month.

💭 What devices can I monitor with them?
Most tablet monitoring apps support both Android and iPads. Some can handle additional devices like PCs/Mac computers and must be configured for the specific OS and device type during installation for full functionality.

💭 Can I try before buying?
Some apps offer free trials and demo versions with limited functionality so you can test them out before purchasing a subscription. These trials showcase the dashboard and admin side to evaluate quality before fully committing.

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